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November 2012 - January 2013


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Town Calls

(Calls start at 12pm Pacific for one hour)
November 14 - Summit Wrap-up

November 15 - The next step for Transgender Equality - the EEOC Macy Ruling (also join us for our Transgender Day of Remembrance observance)

December 13 - Global AIDS Update

January 31 - Faith in the Workplace - What we all need to know

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Classroom Trainings/Events


November 15 - Networking with LGBT Professionals at 5:30pm CST (Minneapolis)

December 6 - Trip to Southern California for Corporate Training (tentative)

Online Training

*All courses will be recorded and available on demand after the class date    

January 15, 22, 29 at 1:00pm Pacific for 75 minutes - Building Bridges Toward LGBT Diversity (LGBT 101 Cultural Competency) - prerequisite for Train the Trainer


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Virtual Summit / Hurricane Series
workshops cancelled during the 2012 Summit presented as live webinars 

January 17 at 10:00am Pacific for 75 minutes - topic TBD

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Current Research
Gay Managers, How Do they Rate?

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Trainers' Corner

Monday, November 12 (new date!),10:00 am PST        

Monthly Trainers' Forum Webinar    

Moderated by Pat Baillie 

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Tuesday, December 11 at 2:00 pm, PST   

Monday, January 28 at 12:00 pm, PT  

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Monthly Insights
Thoughts from
Pat Baillie, Director of Training & Professional Development
We just completed our 2012 Annual Summit in Baltimore. I thought the tough part was going to be that I was on the road to SHRM D&I conference in Chicago and OutServe's Conference in Orlando the week before Summit. I got an early start on Hurricane Sandy, watching it move up the Florida coast. Can I tell you, I don't like hurricanes! My first one was in 1983 when I was assigned to Johnson Space Center in Houston and the eye of the storm ran right over us. When I first joined Out & Equal, the year of the previous election, we were in Austin and Hurricane Ike joined us as it came through Houston. That time we shared our convention space as an evacuation center. I was born and raised in California and adjust well to the unpredictability of earthquakes. Hurricanes are another story, but I found myself chasing Sandy up the coast. By the time I got to Baltimore, it was clear we were going to have to make adjustments and make sure everyone already in Baltimore was safe and adjusting to the changing situation.

We had scheduled 110 workshops and 12 featured panels. Workshops and panels were cancelled on Tuesday because the roads were closed in Baltimore until noon. We got a lot of rain and wind, but we wee lucky as Sandy turned north and missed us. We were surprised when almost 400 people showed up for the breakfast plenary on Tuesday, but we were about the only place open and those who were already in Baltimore for the Summit needed a place to eat. We pulled together 8 topical discussions ranging from Allies to Transgender Issues and many of leadership seminar presenters facilitated these discussions. When all was said and done, we had to cancel 33 workshops because presenters could not get into Baltimore to deliver their workshops. We were able to accommodate all the Tuesday workshops that had been cancelled and presenters were onsite Wednesday/Thursday. My thanks to the presenters and panelists who were flexible and willing to work with us to continue the Summit. The unofficial number of attendees was 1400 by Thursday.

For those who couldn't make it in, we are discussing doing a Virtual Summit/Hurricane series so we can continue to learn best practices from our cancelled workshop presenters. More information about that project will be available next month. I hope as we move into this holiday season, we all take a minute to appreciate the work all of us do and to spend time with families of choice and origin to get recharged to kick off 2013! And thanks for voting and moving LGBT equality forward!  We still have lots to do and are eager to move forward.


Pat Baillie 
Trainers' Corner

News for Out & Equal Certified Trainers


We premiered a new Train the Trainer program in Baltimore. Q, Emma and Sharrin led the group who made it in for the Monday Leadership Seminars through a more highly interactive session when the participants became the trainers for many of the session we have traditionally taught. Due to Hurricane Sandy, we had to end the course at 3pm because the roads were closing and the convention center staff had to get home. We were able to work through some of the new ally development seminars on Tuesday, but did not get the chance to complete the entire course. Don't worry though! If you were part of the new group of trainers, we will be sending you the links to the online archive of Train the Trainer to complete the sections you missed.


We are also going to start in 2013 a modified refresher course for trainers who are coming up on their 2 years and wish to continue as Out & Equal Trainers. More details about those course in next month's newsletter! Thanks to all of you who attended and who continue to teach in your workplace either formally or informally!


There will be a Summit Wrap up call on November 14 at 12:00pm Pacific and then join us for our next monthly Trainers' Forum webinar on Monday, November 12 (NEW DATE), 1:00 pm (PDT). Contact Pat Baillie for more information. 

Current Research

Study of the Month: Gay Managers, How Do They Rate? 


The "Study of the Month" column features LGBTA-related research studies conducted by members of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP). SIOP is the premier membership organization for those practicing and teaching Industrial-Organizational Psychology, the scientific study of the workplace. For more information about SIOP, please visit


Have you ever wondered how coming out at work might influence the way your performance is evaluated? The current study reveals some insights on this important topic. In line with stereotypes, results support that a gay manager was seen as stronger on relational aspects of performance. These findings point to the greater need to understand how sexual minority populations can be influenced by stereotypes at work.


In the current study, real world managers served as participants and were asked to rate the performance of a manager in a video clip. Participants from across the country were led to believe the target manager was either gay or straight by changing the social affiliation on his resume (e.g., Gay Men's Chorus vs. Jazz Band). Participants assigned higher ratings to the gay manager on relational aspects of performance (i.e., conflict management and leadership skills) when compared to the ratings of the straight manager; no differences were found on instrumental aspects of performance (e.g., being decisive and analytical). Female managers who participated by scoring video clips provided some of the highest ratings for the gay manager.


The results of this study provide initial evidence of some of the positive benefits of being out at work. Yet, there is a need to create a performance evaluation system that promotes structured observations and ratings of job-specific behaviors to avoid ratings driven by stereotypes.


This study was presented at the annual Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology conference in April of 2010 by Brian Roote. For more information, please contact Brian at

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