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October 18  - Legislative Updates: ENDA and Beyond!

November 15  - The next step for Transgender Equality - the EEOC Macy Ruling (also join us for our Transgender Day of Remembrance observance)

December 13  - Global AIDS Update

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October 21 - 24
SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference (Chicago)

October 15 - 28
OutServe Conference (Orlando)

October 29 - Nov 1
2012 Out & Equal LGBT Workplace Summit (Baltimore) 

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Building Bridges - How do you reach allies in your company and get them to think about LGBT workplace equality? You can purchase licenses for you LMS training for the Building Bridges course and all or of the O&E U courses. It's a cost effective way to expand the conversation in your workplace. Contact Pat for more details!  

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Current Research
LGBT Employee Perspectives on Work-Life Balance

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Trainers' Corner

Thursday, October 11 (new date!),12:00 pm PT        

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Moderated by Pat Baillie 

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Monthly Insights
Thoughts from
Pat Baillie, Director of Training & Professional Development

I took a little time off this month and went with my family of choice to Las Vegas. I had a  timeshare invitation and decided it was worth the two-hour pitch to spend three days in the fun and sun! The trip was great, and helped me get recharged for the Summit at the end of the month.


As much as I try to take a break from LGBT issues, being a "professional gay" definitely impacts my perceptions and experience of the world. I get the chance every day to work with corporations and organizations that are trying to find the best way to take care of their LGBT employees and that are looking for feedback on how to do more. So when I went to the pitch with Sharrin, my partner, we were 100% out!  The time share is one of the major hotel chains which has made incredible strides in LGBT equality. Our sales agent even shared that he had a gay brother, and even though his family was pretty traditional, they accepted his brother and his partner with open arms. So far, so good!

Part of the pitch is to watch a promotional video on the property, showing everyone having a great time. We watched and waited, and waited.  There was a lot of diversity around age, ethnicity, and people with kids and without kids. What we did not see was us. There were no images on this very high tech, professional video depicting LGBT couples or singles enjoying the property. We were disappointed and told our sales agent who wrote it up to send on to the main headquarters, but what a missed opportunity. The images that companies use can say so much about the diversity they are wanting to reach in their offerings.  

We might have been interested in the program, but not seeing LGBT images integrated into their promotional materials was definitely a deciding point for us. We are making progress, but as consumers and LGBT activists, we need to still speak up when opportunities are missed!  It seems there's no vacation from equality work!


I hope to see many of you in Baltimore, and will be reporting here next month with some of the Summit highlights from my perspective!      


Pat Baillie 
Trainers' Corner

News for Out & Equal Certified Trainers


We are continuing to find ways to work with Learning Management Systems to bring LGBT training into your workplace on a wider scale.  


This month we discovered that you could put a marker in your LMS system that would point to our archived webinar programs if your budget is such that you can't develop a full scale LMS program. We can provide you with licenses so your employees can view such courses as Building Bridges, Train the Trainer, Dialogues on Gender Identity and Developing Allies. Once you purchase the license, we set up a registration page for you company, and after your employees sign up, they receive the a link to the page to take the training course, which includes links to the recordings and handouts for the course. You could then get monthly or quarterly reports on who has signed up, so you can credit them with the course in your LMS system.

This would be an opportunity to promote developing allies and increasing LGBT cultural competency that can be done on each employees schedule and pace. Of course, the Training Department would be available for questions and discussions with those take the courses. This cost effective program could be the next step in workplace equality.  


Join us for our next monthly Trainers' Forum webinar on Thursday, October 11 (NEW DATE), 1:00 pm (PDT). Contact Pat Baillie for more information. 


Current Research

Study of the Month: LGBT Employee Perspectives on Work-Life Balance  


The "Study of the Month" column features LGBTA-related research studies conducted by members of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP). SIOP is the premier membership organization for those practicing and teaching Industrial-Organizational Psychology, the scientific study of the workplace. For more information about SIOP, please visit


True work-family balance is a goal that many organizations strive to achieve for the benefit of their employees. Traditionally, work-family conflict has been measured by examining time-based conflict ("I don't have enough hours in the day for work and family"), strain-based conflict ("my job or my family are too stressful"), and behavior-based conflict ("behaviors that make me successful at work don't make me successful at home" - or vice versa). Many organizations provide flexible scheduling, opportunities for telecommuting, virtual office space, and services such as on-site childcare, laundry services, and fitness facilities in order to decrease conflicts between work and family domains. However, while employees in general might benefit from these services, LGBT employees in particular may have additional work-family concerns which are not currently being addressed by employers.


In a recent study, 41 LGB individuals who were currently in a same-sex relationship, representing a variety of industries and job levels, were interviewed about their experiences of work-family conflict. Nearly half (46.43%) of the sample mentioned LGB identity-related concerns  (in addition to time, strain, and behavior-based concerns) playing a role in creating work-family conflict for themselves and their partner/children. For example, among many other concerns, LGB employees were concerned about having equal access to family-friendly benefits (or being able to ask about how to receive them), with being able to talk about their partner/children at work with coworkers and with being able to bring their partner to work events. Further, LGB individuals were concerned about being able to talk about their partner/children with clients/customers/students and with losing their job or being passed over for promotion if anyone found out about their same-sex partner. Using traditional measures of work-family conflict, LGB individuals were found to experience time, strain, and behavior-based concerns at similar levels to a general population.


Overall, this study hopes to encourage organizations to strive for a more inclusive form of work-family balance, by raising awareness about additional identity-related work-family concerns which may be experienced by LGB individuals. This study demonstrates that, in order to create a welcoming and productive environment, it may be important for organizations to put LGB family-friendly initiatives into current work-family balance programs.


This study was presented at the annual Academy of Management conference in August of 2012 by Katina Sawyer.  For more information, please contact Katina Sawyer at


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