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October 19, 2015
Write-A-Check Update
Thank you to all who have donated to the WAC Campaign, your generosity truly matters! We were hoping to complete the WAC Campaign by today, but we haven't quite reached our goal. We are thrilled to have raised $44,114, but we need to get to $50,000 to fully fund the PTA budget. Please know that each budgeted line item has been thoroughly vetted by the PTA and these are NOT frivolous purchases. Each dollar spent goes to enhance the lives of all of our students here at PHS. Have you had a chance to watch all five videos that have gone out talking about what has been done with last year's money? 
This list includes corrections on donor names and spelling issues. We truly hope we have all of your information correct as your donation makes a huge difference. We are using a new software program and have had a few complications that we apologize profusely for and hope to get all names corrected. If we have indeed missed you, please feel free to contact Jill Black at Thank you again for your contribution! Your donation helped us get closer to our goal and fund our PTA budget fully.
If you don't see your name on the list below, please consider making a donation. Any amount you are able to give is appreciated. Help us reach our goal by Friday Oct. 23rd! Watch January Shannon's video to learn about what the PTA did for her and how it is helping our students become better writers."

Would you like to join the list below of Paschal supporters?  Just click the image above or fill out this form and mail it in! It is super easy and ALL the money goes to the kids!
Scott & Whitney Brown

Jill & Doug Black
Kendall & David Draper
Jennifer & Joseph Fackel
The Fulton Family
Lane & Joe Gallagher
Susan & Chris Howe
The Nenon Family 
The Nethery Family
Margaret & Dennis Johnson
Ellie & Edward Lasater
The Musgrave Family
Huyen & Van Pham
Nan & Guy Riddle
Miky & Alvaro Rios
The Tempel Family
Carol & Loftin Witcher

Betty Arvin & Mark Thielman
Janice & Bryan Barrett
Susan & Tim Bostick
Sheri & Roger Eppstein
Ann & Kirk Jefferies
Tiffani & Andy Keetch
The Chris Kenney Family
Gary Linville
Park Place Pharmacy
Julie & Timothy McGuire
Beth Mewis
Orly & Steve Meyers
Lisa & Ruben Saucedo
Lori & Ken Schaefer
Dawn & Andy Taft
Amy & Eric Trotter
Giuliana & Levent Vural
Julie R. Wilson & Scott Nishimura

Danette & Gene Adelson
Margo & Paul Allen 
Kristin & Jeff Anderson
Kristen & Michael Ariola
Melinda & Michael Bachand 
Jennifer Baggs
Meg & Brian Benkel
Nikole & Lars Berg
Stacy Hollis & Hans Bertelsen
Lynn & Dennis Black 
Sasha & Todd Blackburn
Kimberly & Brent Bowen
Aimee & Rex Bozath
Lovi & Jeb Bradshaw 
Nina & Mark Burrows 
Buffy & Colin Christian
Christy & Mike Coffey
Lily B Clayton PTA 
Jenny & Doug Cox
Jacqueline & Erich Crossin
Anne & Rich  Darr
Jayma & Brent Davis
Kendall Davis & Anthony Marlar 
Alysa & Scott Dennett 
Dana & Craig Dickson
Kelly & Preston Dillard
Page & Rob Doby
Rainey & Randy Dukes
Emily & Joe Endres
Ann & Brad Fees
Christine & Alan Feldman
Jackie & Jon Ferguson 
The Fox Family
Jennifer & Robb Farmer
Lori & John Gordon
Greta & Bill Hallgren 
John Hamilton 
Benita Harper 
Heather & Steven Harris 
Elizabeth Hawkins
Tina & Wendell Hibbett
Angie & Sam Hulse
Shoshana & Benjamin Isgur
Claudine & Greg Jackson
Jeanne & Cass Jenkins
Robin Jermann - Rabito & Michael Rabito
Lynn & Jason  Kelly
Adele & Gary Klinger
Tracy & David Matheson
Jan & Brad McKean
ML & David Menefee
Virginia & Marty Moore
Laurie & Mark  Nelson
Mary Ellen & Noel Nesser
Amy & Austin Nettle
The Nolan Family
Cammie & Jim Nowell
Vanessa Nunn
Debra & Paul Nyul
Joe Ortenberg
The Parker Family
Ashley & Thomas Parsons 
Leigh Pauling
Lori & Michael Peck
Megan & Steve Peglar
Tammy & Keith Pfrang
Maria & Steve Phillips 
Patty Potter & Gary Logan
Tami & Mike Ramsay 
Jana Reeves
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Roels, Sr.
Linda Antinone & Michael Russel
Amy & Warren Russell
Harmony Schuerman
Shannon & Doug Schumacher
Sherry & Jim Schwartz 
Jessica & Marcus Scott
Malinda Seymore 
Rita Shelton
Holly & Chris Shipman
The Simanek Family
Alma Singer
Denise & Steve Stooksberry
Michelle & Jonathan Scott
John Sutton
Susan & Mark Titus
Linda & Joe Torrez
The Towle Family
Lisa Van Cleef 
Janice & George Vardakis
Dana & Chris Vaughn 
Heather & Ross Walker
Karen Wardell & Greg Gober
Hilary Weinstein
TJ & Corbin Wilson
Nancy & Jeff Yurk

~ Cherisse & Keith Ashcraft ~
~ Lisa & Shawn Attaway ~
~ Kim & Robb Catalano ~
~ Jeep Endres ~
~ Kay Higgins & Keith Spalding ~
~ Jenn & Chris Jackson ~
~ Ingrid B Krippel ~
~ Tess Krotz ~
~ Ashley & Jim Looney ~
~ Stanton McKibbin ~
~ Susan & John Moses ~ 
~ Julie & Michael O'Neil ~
~ Susan & David Pels ~
~ Hallie & Phil Pritchett ~
~ Susan & Dan Puckett ~
~ Alison Trinkle ~
~ Valerie Valentine ~

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