I do not support the argument to raise the City of Detroit parking ticket fines from $30 to $45 and eliminate the $10 early payment fine. Recently, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr signed an order to increase the fines beginning in June.
Detroit City Council does not have the option to discuss this fine hike at the table and vote on the action since it was an order initiated and signed by the emergency manager. As a council member, it is my duty to inform you of this action and encourage you to share your opinion.

The emergency manager's order places city government inefficiencies on the backs of our residents who need to do business in downtown and other parts of our city. Also, this action will increase the barrier for people to frequent Detroit-based establishments, which is likely to become a deterrent to shop and dine in our city.

I would rather endorse a plan to reduce the operating inefficiencies to collect parking fines. I also support keeping the fines at the current rate, including maintaining the parking fine early payment $10 fee. Further, establishing one-hour free parking zones in our city will support residents who must do business downtown and will lead to more traffic at Detroit-based establishments likely resulting in additional tax revenues.

In my view, generating revenue by increasing fines when residents from the neighborhoods must go downtown to get licenses and permits, attend court appointments and do other necessary business, is the wrong direction. Detroit residents should not be penalized for city government's inefficiencies. Additionally, generating revenue using fines when we are seeking to grow this city by attracting new residents and people to frequent Detroit-based businesses is an anti-growth strategy.

I encourage you and your neighbors, and the people who work downtown, who are concerned about the parking ticket fine increase to contact the emergency manager's office at 313-224-3400 to share your thoughts. I urge the emergency manager to reconsider this order based on the community's input.


Your partner in Detroit's resurgence,

Gabe Leland

Detroit City Council - District 7

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