April 2016

Visions Issue 1 2016: Forget Everything You Knew About PD
Visions Issue 1 hones in on industry disrupters and new processes for navigating product development and management in this technology-driven, constantly evolving world. From better branding to designing wirelessly connected devices and understanding why good products fail, this issue of Visions has crucial knowledge for every product development professional.
Feature articles include:


  • When Worlds Collide: Better Product Branding Through Integrated Industrial and Interaction Design
  • Internet of Things for the Rest of Us: Effective Design Strategies for Wirelessly Connected Devices
  • Exploratory PD: An Adaptive Product Development Process for a Complex World
  • 'Breaking Failure' Using Analysis and Strategy
  • Why Good Products Fail


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Front End of Innovation 2016 is Next Month: Save 20% Off Current Rates with PDMA

Front End of Innovation 2016
May 10-12, 2016 | Seaport World Trade Center Boston
There's still time to register for FEI 2016: an opportunity to learn to overcome pervasive barriers to scalable, repeatable innovation. Even better? Save 20% off the current rates by registering with PDMA.

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The 14th Annual FEI is a conference that senior level R&D, Innovation, and Product Development executives rely on to thwart the growing threat of disruption by non-traditional competitors. Large organizations are under fire to be more agile and opportunistic in their approach to innovation, adaptation, and disruption. That's why the 2016 curriculum is designed to help systematically tackle the innovation process from ideation through execution in order to capture immense innovation.
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Why Attend the 2016 PDMA Annual Conference?

Thinking ahead towards 2016 PDMA Annual Conference? Read up on why it's not an event to be missed this year.
In 2015, the PDMA Annual Conference saw a 150% growth in attendance from 2014. Learn more about the ROI of the PDMA Annual Conference.
  • Hear real-life case studies and success stories from some of the world's most prominent brands
  • Engage with innovation thought leaders and industry experts in all areas of product development
  • Attend sessions in areas of marketing, management, entrepreneurship, engineering and design
  • Identify the next best practices and strategies in a dynamic education environment
  • Connect one-on-one in a variety of new networking events
  • Test theory against real-world application
  • Return home energized and inspired

Registration opens this May! Consider the benefits of attending now and check online in the coming weeks to get a head start.

New on the PDMA Blog
Innovation Faculty Research: The Root of Many Failures and Under Performance
By Alexander Edsel, Director of the M.S. in Marketing the Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas 

Research is a fundamental and crucial aspect of properly executing product development and management. From understanding demographics to discovering the needs of the marketplace, product development professionals need solid data to back up their choices.

However, research can be flawed. In some cases, product managers conduct their own investigation, which can involve deficiencies in research methodologies and the quality and validity of the conclusions derived from the study. Often key, relevant data are either not available or overlooked. If primary research, such as focus groups, is used for a small sample size, it can be incorrectly extrapolated to the larger population.

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Innovation Maturity Model, Standard and Guidelines Pilot Assessment
PDMA and the TIM Foundation are looking for candidate organizations to run pilot assessments using the new Innovation Maturity Model, standard and guidelines. These will be conducted on-site and at cost price for the participating organization.

In return for participating in this assessment, the organization will receive a detailed report on the current state of its innovation capability, and recommendations on where to make specific improvements. When completed, the organization may opt for a listing on PDMA's Registry if the assessment has reached a specific level of maturity.

If you are interested in participating or for more information, please contact Sarah Zahorak from PDMA or Gert Staal from the TIM Foundation.
April Book Review
No One Understands You and What to Do About It
By Heidi Grant Halvorson. Review by Charles Hammer
I like to think of myself as smart, funny, not too ugly, and the kind of person who gets things done. But what if I discovered that most of my colleagues find me dull, dim, and just plain ugly? Would it matter to me professionally? As a product manager who relies on people across the organization to get my work done, the answer is a clear yes.


Highlight on PDMA International Affiliates: PDMA India Revitalizes in 2016


PDMA is pleased to announce revitalization of the PDMA India Affiliate in 2016! Congratulations to the new leadership team. Visit PDMA India online and read more from the affiliate directly below.
Today all over the world the most successful product companies are creating a significant percentage of wealth for their respective nations. These companies that excel in New Product Development (NPD) and Innovation are the leading companies in their respective category. In other words, these companies and the individuals who are associated with New Product Development are the greatest wealth creators for themselves, for the society and for the nation as a whole. The importance of NPD has gone to the extent that it is becoming a national strategy for development and growth. For example, the 'Make in India' initiative launched by Government of India in the year 2014.
Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) 
The May 2016 issue of JPIM (Volume 33, Issue 2) is currently available. Access it online today.

To access the May 2016 issue of JPIM, members may log in and access JPIM articles here. Non-members may access abstracts. 
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