December 22, 2014

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PDMA Visions Introduces Game-Changing Ideas for the New Year Here's to 2014 with PDMA
Book Review: Catalyzing Innovation PDMA Chapter Events
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PDMA Visions Introduces Game-Changing Ideas for the New Year

The Quarter 3, issue of Visions is hot off the presses and brimming with instantly applicable content. The final issue of Visions for the year contains articles ranging in topic from immersive brain storming to executing a successful marketplace shift and an in-depth look at the 2014 Outstanding Corporate Innovation award winners.

Why Effective Innovators are Willing to ‘Get Wet': A case for immersive brainstorming by Lanny Vincent and Mike Rainone
Individuals who immerse themselves in the end-user's context are more apt to express relevant and substantive ideas.

Navigating a Course for Commercial Growth – The Commercial Marketplace: A Sea of Opportunity in Uncharted Waters by John Riggs and Suzanne Roske
Vencore Inc. found itself in need of making a radical shift from government contract business to private equity and commercial markets.

Building an Infrastructure for Innovation: Meet the 2014 Outstanding Corporate Innovators Award Winners by Kelly Mantick
Novozymes and Starbucks recognize the importance of investing in lasting partnerships with customers to gain insight into the market and ensure that value is added with every new industrial enzyme and every steaming cup of coffee.

This issue also shares some key notes and highlights from PIM 2014, in addition to never-before-seen photos and a tweet round-up.

We hope you enjoy this issue! Read it now.

If you have any questions about the functionality or content of Visions , please click on the Help button (identified by a question mark) in the upper right corner of the viewer. You may also email Managing Editor Dennis Coyle .

Here's to 2014 with PDMA

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Book Review: Catalyzing Innovation

Book and Review by Michelle Greenwald

Catalyzing Innovation  is a visual, strategic, inspirational, and instructional guide to help students, firms and entrepreneurs learn how to innovate more methodically, completely & creatively.  The premise applies to business-to-business, business-to-consumer, non-profits and the arts.  The book includes a framework, exercises, an instructional guide, and over 600 visual, categorized, global innovation examples across industries & disciplines.  The final chapter provides instruction for faculty and users how to use the book to brainstorm new product and service ideas across many dimensions, and how to test, refine and narrow down multi-attribute products and services.  Includes constant updates with the latest innovations, at no extra cost, just like app updates.


There has been so much written about innovation, how is the book  Catalyzing Innovation  different and useful?

Most books start with either the front end of innovation, strategy, or the middle portion, ideation.   Catalyzing Innovation  starts with the end of the process, when products are already on the market.  It looks at what makes the most innovative and successful products so unique, and identifies the focused lines of thinking that led to those breakthrough ideas.  By categorizing and illustrating the most fruitful lines of thinking, entrepreneurs and firms can apply this checklist to their own innovation processes to make them more thorough and complete.

The book has more than 600 visuals. Most books about innovation lack visual illustrations.  Visuals are a cornerstone of the book.  They serve to memorably illustrate points being made, and provide inspiration for those tasked with coming up with new product and service ideas for their companies.  The innovations sited were selected because they successfully and strategically created and grew brands.  

Catalyzing Innovation  explains how the innovations strategically benefitted the businesses by leading to increased sales, entry into new markets, greater loyalty, brand awareness, and consumer engagement.   

The book's easy to apply checklist, was designed for new product & services idea developers to increase the likelihood that all bases, options, variants are considered.  The checklist can be immediately applied.  Firms don't need to reorganize the whole company or dramatically change corporate cultures to use it.

Read more.

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