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PDMA Recognizes 2013 Publications Award Winners Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) Highlights from the Editor
Book Review: Open Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA PDMA Chapter Events
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PDMA Recognizes 2013 Publication Award Winners

2013 JPIM Best Paper Award

New Market Creation for Breakthrough InnovationBy Gina Colarelli O'Connor & Mark P. Rice, JPIM - Volume 30, Issue 2

Chosen by both the editorial board and the advisory board, this paper by Gina Colarelli O'Connor and Mark P. Rice won the 2013 JPIM Best Paper Award based on its quality of research, relevance of topic and its impact on knowledge and on managerial practice, according to Editorial Committee Member Gloria Barczak.

The article showed that new market creation requires as much time and attention as technical development for breakthrough innovations; yet, large organizations are not aware of nor willing to make these investments. “That new market creation,” Barczak explained, “involves creating and managing behaviors and attitudes that can either promote or hinder the market creation process. This article furthers our knowledge about such breakthrough innovation.”

Best of Visions 2013 Award

“Sustainable Innovation: How Your Company Can Benefit Contributing to a Better World” By Martijn Antonisse and Phil Metz. Visions - Issue 2, 2013

This winning paper was selected by a panel of judges assembled by Abbie Griffin, VP of Publications, comprising Brad Barbera, Peter Bradford, Tom Hustad, Robert Hale, Steve Uban, David Cross and Christina Brodie. The panel evaluated each article based on the following criteria: quality of thought, intellectual rigor, interest breadth to PDMA members, newness of topic and substantiveness of topic

Brad Barbera explained that this article received the highest rating, particularly for its quality of thought, rigor and substance. “It is a topic that has been emerging for a while, and may now be getting close to a tipping point in terms of concern for organizations,” Barbera said.

Visions - Issue 2, 2013 is available for purchase here.

Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) Highlights from the Editor

By Gloria Barczak, Northeastern University, Editor of Journal of Product Innovation Management

We're excited to share that both the November and December issues of JPIM are now available online. Click here to access both.

November 2014 Issue Highlights:

The first four articles in the November issue are the top papers from the 2013 EIASM IPDM Conference held in Paris, France. I also encourage you to read the article by Colin Cheng and Eelko Huizingh in this issue. Cheng and Huizingh found that open innovation activities do, in fact, influence innovation performance. Their findings also suggest that, in general, having an explicit strategic orientation enhances the effectiveness of open innovation.

December 2014 Issue Highlights:

In the December issue, I would like to draw your attention to two articles. First, Roger Calantone, Praneet Randhawa and Clay Voorhees examine the effects of innovation drivers (customer idea source, speed to market, product quality, and product newness) on breakeven time and project profits, and their subsequent impact on firm performance. Their results empirically demonstrate that breakeven time is equally effective as project profits in predicting firm performance in the short term, but a stronger predictor of firm performance in the long term. This suggests, that in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, firms that recoup their cash investments more quickly experience greater short-term and long-term success.

In the second paper by Jin Gerlach, Ruth Stock and Peter Buxman, the authors investigate how consumers' emphasis on an existing product's attributes influences their adoption of a substituting innovation. Their findings indicate that consumers' liking of an existing product's attributes can prompt a negative affective reaction to the substituting innovation. This negative affective reaction in turn may lead to less positive cognitive evaluations of the substituting technology. However, if the functional advantages of the substituting innovation are sufficient, consumers still might adopt the new innovation even if they have some negative feelings toward that innovation.

Remember to check out the “Early View” option on the JPIM website! All articles listed on “Early View” are available electronically and free-of-charge to all PDMA members as part of your membership benefits.

You can also find out exactly when a new issue of JPIM is published by signing up for “Table of Contents Alerts” from our publisher, Wiley. To do so, under “Journal Tools” on the top left corner of the JPIM home page, click on “Get New Content Alerts” and create an account. Also be on the lookout for JPIM highlighted in the upcoming issue of Visions.

Book Review: Open Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA

Book and Review by Serdar S. Durmusoglu, Charles Noble and Abbie Griffin

Product innovation processes have not always been “hard walled.” They haven't always shunned outside input or jealously guarded against leaks to the outside world. For example, back in 1714, the British government offered a prize to anyone who could develop a practical method to determine ships' precise longitudes. Over the last several years, we have tried to get back to this model, and poking holes in the walls of innovation processes has gained tremendous momentum, primarily thanks to Henry Chesbrough, who championed the “open innovation” concept and called on firms to intentionally embrace both internal and external parties in their quest to develop successful new products.

While there are several books and emerging research that investigate this notion and provide some guidance to managers, our new book Open Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA fills a crucial gap in this space. It provides managers tasked by a well-intentioned CEO to explore this “open innovation thing” with a reference tool that called upon the experience of experts in the field. They will find clear, usable tools and ideas to implement the principles of open innovation in their firms. The authors of our chapters have taken their lumps and also achieved their victories, and they share both in our book. The collection of chapters will inspire managers to “shake up” their own approaches to maximize their firm's innovation potential.

Read more.

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This is a great opportunity to meet other PDMA and AMA members in the area and enjoy the holiday event.

Mike Shirey
PDMA San Diego Chapter President

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