September 18, 2014

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Harness the magic of innovation and align your strategic objectives with your product and service development plans at HBS Executive Education's Leading Product Innovation program.

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Proto Labs produces custom prototype parts in as quick as one day, helping product designers fail fast, iterate faster (and more often) and confidently launch market-ready products with speed.

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PIM 2014: Featured Companies and Press Highlights Don't Delay! Register for the Product Innovation Management Standard Training Session
Be On the Lookout for the Upcoming Issue of Visions Book Review: The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Getting Great Ideas into the Market
PDMA Chapter Events Congratulations on Your NPDP Certification


PIM 2014: Featured Companies and Press Highlights

PDMA recently expanded the lineup at PIM 2014, adding leaders from a host of innovative companies. The interactive nature of the conference gives you the opportunity to network with these leaders as well as other innovation professionals from numerous industries to share your experiences and successes in driving impactful innovation.

Here's just a taste of who you'll meet there:

Read more.

Ready to register today? Register now for PIM 2014: October 18-22 in Denver, Colorado and listen to keynote speakers from Intel, USC and more. Follow #PIM14 on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for real-time conference updates!

Innovation Management Standard Featured in the Media

PDMA Board Member Steve Uban spoke recently with Investor's Business Daily and Fast Company on the Innovation Management Standard. 

Check out the full article, entitled "New International Innovation Management Standard Increases Ideas," highlighted in both Investor's Business Daily and Fast Company.

Free NPD-RiskAssessor™ Demo

Understanding and responding to the specifics of risks on individual NPD projects or across a portfolio of projects is major gap in capabilities for many organizations. NPD-RiskAssessor™ is a software tool and statistical model, coupled to experience tested methods and approaches, which enables the very important advancement of risk assessment and management capabilities.

Sign up for a free demo specific to your project today!

Don't Delay! Register for the Product Innovation Management Standard Training Session

"Flexible Framework for Accelerating Your Product Innovation"

The Innovation Management Standard Training is a 2 1/2 day training session designed to increase education about the Innovation Standard and how to implement it. PDMA's upcoming training is being held October 17-19, 2014 in conjunction with PDMA's Product Innovation Management (PIM) 2014 Conference taking place at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, Colorado.

Please click here for more information regarding the Product Innovation Management Standard Training Session. If attending the PIM Conference, consider adding on the Product Innovation Management Standard Training Sessions beforehand for an additional $999.00 (a 50% discount only for PIM Conference attendees).

  What does the Introductory Training Offer? This workshop shows prospective users and consulting/auditing partners how to quickly get a firm grasp on its contents and be able to scale the required knowledge in their organizations.

  What value do we get out of participating? Individuals will receive PDMA's core set of standards documentation, various tools and templates needed to assess or train customers in the essentials of the Innovation Management Standard. They will also receive all the slides of the session.

  Why is this standard so special? It is the first truly international public standard of its kind, and offers an integrated, coherent view on how organizations, of any kind (profit, non-profit, public) can become and stay innovative. The standards are universal, meaning any organization can adopt it.

  How will attending these sessions help me and my organization? The Product Innovation Management Standard is a first-class tool to generate new business for auditing and consulting businesses. Why? Essentially because most organizations still have a long path when it comes to becoming truly innovative. That becomes very apparent if you compare their performance against the standards. Where there is room for improvement, there is opportunity for new business.

For additional information about the upcoming training course sesion, please contact the Tim Foundation.

Visions: Setting our Sights on PIM 2014

Your pre-PIM 2014 issue of Visions is bursting at the seams with valuable conference-related news, from never before seen speaker previews to the nuts and bolts of housing, registration and more. Read up on the keynote speakers —“The Brain Trust”— in our exclusive previews from the following: Gerard Tellis, who touches on the ways to create a culture for unrelenting innovation; Henry Givray, who reveals the first steps in how to follow leadership's calling; Roger Jellicoe, contributor to the creation of the first flip phone who provides insight on being an innovation leader; and Udaiyan Jatar, who teases out his presentation on tackling gigantic challenges to create sustainable change.

Meanwhile, our feature content will teach you how to effectively execute your R&D initiatives, to de-escalate commitment to failing innovation projects, to leverage external partnerships for mutual benefit and much more. To access past issues of Visions, visit the publication webpage and login with your PDMA member credentials.

Book Review: The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Getting Great Ideas into the Market

By Scott Anthony, Review by Teresa Jurgens-Kowal, Ph.D., NPDP

Unsurprisingly, Scott Anthony's new book, The First Mile is delightful.  Anthony draws on innovation experiences and theory to present a new innovation process toolkit.

Part I of The First Mile defines the problem innovators face to get an idea off the ground. It take more than sexy technology and a working prototype to convert an idea into a commercial success. Getting the first sale means testing an idea for functionality as well as testing the transactional aspects of getting the product into customers' hands.

Using the acronym DEFT, the author describes a new early stage innovation process (pg. 25). Details for each step are outlined in Chapters 2 through 5. 

  • Document the idea (uncover hidden assumptions),
  • Evaluate the idea from multiple perspectives,
  • Focus on strategic variables (critical uncertainties), and
  • Test and adapt.

Read more.

PDMA Chapter Events

Chapter Highlight: PDMA Wisconsin Chapter

Do you want...

  • New ideas to improve your product development process and go-to-market strategy?
  • To introduce Voice of the Customer to your organization?
  • To meet other product development and marketing professionals?

Come to a PDMA WI Event! We've lined up an exciting schedule of speakers and networking opportunities to inspire and enlighten product development and marketing professionals in the Madison and Milwaukee areas through great presentations, discussions and collaboration.

The Wisconsin Chapter of PDMA formed in 2002 to create a community for young professionals involved and interested in new products and service develoment. Company leaders and practitioners in new product development, marketing, market research, design, engineering and other disciplines meet regularly to exchange best practices, research results, and information. We have a growing chapter which is made up of individuals who help their organizations lead the marketplace throught innovation and sustainability.

Bring a friend or colleague to the next event! If you refer someone who has never attended a PDMA event before you will both be entered in a raffle drawing for great prizes at the event. All PDMA events are always open to both members and non-members.

Join the WI Chapter and Bob Baddeley, creator and owner of BlueTpiz presents "Why My Friend Was Successful at Kickstarter and I was Not" at Sector 67 in Madison.

Read more and register here.

Upcoming PDMA Boston Chapter Event

Foodies will enjoy the tasty samples supplied by innovative businesses while networking with fellow product professionals. Go to the Boston Chapter on the PDMA National site to register.

Panelists include:

  • Hitesh Hajarnavis, President & CEO of Popcorn, Indiana, a healthy whole grain snacking company
  • Colleen Zammer, Director of Product Marketing, Bay State Milling, a century old purveyor of flour and grain products
  • Neheet Trivedi, Co-Founder of a natural food products company that alleviates nausea
  • Additional speakers to be confirmed shortly

Thursday, November 6th

6:00 - 7:00 PM: Networking (enjoy tasty samples of food delights from local startups)
7:00 - 8:30 PM: Panel discussion and Q&A
8:30 – 9:00: Additional Networking

Read more and register here.

All Upcoming PDMA Chapter Events

NPDP Certified Individuals August 2014

Congratulations to the PDMA community members who earned their NPDP certification in August!

Chien-Wen Chang  
Fang-Chieh Yuan  
HanPing Huang  
Hai Ho Southern Polytechnic State University
Kuei-Jen Cheng  
Tsai-Hsia Hong