October 25, 2013

First Ever: Study on Radical Innovation and Skunk Works

Obtain a report to benchmark for the radical innovation process and skunk works to determine if your company is organizing radical innovation projects to yield the highest potential for success. Click here to learn how to particpate in this groundbreaking research by Nicole Lasky, the PDMA 2013 Dissertation Proposal competition winner.


PDMA Visions Showcases Why Attending PIM 13 is Your Next Best Investment

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PIM 13 is Here! Let's Innovate like it's 1488
How Lean Agile Changes the Product Manager's Job Improve Time to Marketin With the Resources You Have Today

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Let's Innovate like it's 1488

That was the year Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope, launching 300 years of exploration and enriching global trade.

Likewise, we have entered a new Age of Discovery. Trade routes today take the form of new technology and product platforms. R&D and Innovation have fundamentally changed in the face of technical advances, knowledge specialization, and increased partnering opportunities.

To be successful in the new Age of Discovery, innovative companies catalog, evaluate, and share knowledge assets across organizational and geographic boundaries. Successful companies optimize their Knowledge Supply Chain practices in sourcing technologies, partners, and products.

Learn more here.

PIM 13 is Here!

PIM 13 kicks off tomorrow, October 25. Kicking off a week dedicated to innovating under constraint.

Here's a small sampling of what attendees will get from PIM 13:

  • Results. Work through your company's innovation challenges with top product developers and manangers that have been there, done that
  • Experience. Hands-on working sessions covering NPD, Agile Innovation, Sustainable Innovation and more
  • Influence. A seat at the table with product development decision-makers and visionaries from Fortune 500 companies

Don't miss out! Come or a day or all five, there's still time to register (and play hookie from work) Register for PIM 13 today .

How Lean Agile Changes the Product Manager's Job

Register Today for the November 7, 1:00-2:00pm CST Webcast with speaker Andy Singleton from Assembla, Inc., where you will learn:

1. What is Lean Agile, and how it makes companies more competitive
2. How Lean Agile processes change the product manager's job
3. How to recruit and manage “story owners” to ensure the delivery of features with high value to customers

Improve Time to Market With the Resources You Have Today

Key Results from the Product Development View of the Resource Management and Capacity Planning Study

Product development organizations are constantly searching for ways to improve time to market, reduce the total cost of development and more effectively prioritize winning ideas. According to a global study of 280 product development executives, what's holding them back is not a lack of skilled resources in the company. For the majority of executives surveyed, lack of visibility into demand for resources and capacity to fulfill them is resulting in ongoing chaos among their team, missing market windowns and wasting resources on the wrong projects and products.

Read more from this Q3 Issue of PDMA's Visions Magazine here.