October 3 , 2013


PDMA Visions Showcases Why Attending PIM 13 is Your Next Best Investment

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October 8 Webcast: Materials Selection for Sustainable Design

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Utilizing Craftsmanship to Elevate Your Brand Collaborate to Innovate : Cincinnati
Visions Article: Innovation at its Best First Ever: Study on Radical Innovation and Skunk Works

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Utilizing Craftsmanship to Elevate Your Brand

After years of working with CPG companies in an agency capacity, John Heath now sits at the helm of Chobani's innovation function, charged with intelligently stretching one of the fastest-growing brands in the country, while maintaining the unique brand essence that sparked Chobani's rise to the top-selling yogurt brand in the country. 

The culture of innovation at Chobani is born out of the art of making, and John believes today's craft movement is much more than a niche group of DIYers and artisan foodies, but rather a cultural zeitgeist driving change in the way products are created and brand relationships are built.    

At PIM 13, join him to explore how mass market brands can embrace and apply craftsmanship, and take away key lessons for almost any innovation ecosystem.

Innovation at Its Best: PDMA Announces the 2013 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award Finalists

It has repeatedly been shown that one of the most effective techiques for organizations facing challenges in improving their innovation performance is to learn from proven successful practitioner companies. This type of learning opportunity is rare, but attendees at PIM 13 will be fortunate to take advantage of such an opportunity when the 2013 OCI winners, Sherwin Williams Paint Stores Group and Baker Hughes, present the best and next innovation practices that have contributed to their success. This is a not-to-be-missed session at PIM 13.

Read the full article here to learn how the 2013 finalists achieved leadership in their respective industries through innovation..

Collaborate to Innovate

The 2013 Cincinnati Innovation Summit is centered on the theme, “Collaborate to Innovate.” Speakers will share processes and best practices that will make you more effective when you collaborate both internally and externally to innovate!

A new feature has been added to this year’s conference: Access the Innovator’s Toolbox. There will be breakout sessions to equip you with tools to address innovation through:

  • Collaboration with Customers
  • Collaboration within Organizations
  • Collaboration across the Ecosystem

At the conference you will:

  • Learn how to collaborate for innovation success
  • Gain insights into the best practices from regional and global thought leaders
  • Connect with a diverse network of innovation peers

First Ever: Study on Radical Innovation and Skunk Works

Obtain a report to benchmark for the radical innovation process and skunk works to determine if your company is organizing radical innovation projects to yield the highest potential for success. You won't find this benchmark any where else because it hasn't been done. So click here to learn how to particpate in this groundbreaking research by Nicole Lasky, the PDMA 2013 Dissertation Proposal competition winner.