September 26 , 2013

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September 26 Webcast: Successful Innovations: How Companies are Creatively Meeting the Need for Growth with New Products

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October 8 Webcast: Materials Selection for Sustainable Design


Seeking Principals and Managers for exciting radical innovation and skunk works study – the first comprehensive skunk works study.

Contact 2013 PDMA Research Forum winner Nicole Lasky if interested

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Halloween is fast approaching, and we have a pillowcase full of goodies for you. From events to new publications and book reviews, we've got all the resources you need to stay ahead of your competitors and leave them empty handed in 2014.

Know Where You Are & Where You Need to Be: HQ Collaborate to Innovate : Cincinnati
Innovation Day: Chicago Book Review: Design for Services

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Know Where You Are and Where You Need to Be

Innovating can be like a hunt for buried treasure. What do you need to find that treasure before your competition does? A map! The all-new PDMA Product Innovation Management Standard, to be unveiled at the PIM 13 conference, is the map you need to figure out where you are and how to get to where you need to be with your innovation capabilities. This is your Innovation GPS and will give you the guidance you need to get to your product development destination faster.
The standard is the first guide of its kind, describing the ideal state for an innovative organization - giving you measurements against that ideal and showing your how to improve towards it.

  • The standard consists of seven core documents:
  • The Innovation Management Standard itself,
  • An assessment checklist,
  • An interpretation guideline containing assessment notes,
  • A basic implementation guideline,
  • Innovation definitions,
  • The accreditation and certification program
  • And innovation metrics.

Access a sample of this pivotal new standard for the NPD industry only at PIM 13.

Are You Prepared to Win the Innovation Race?

Is your company engaged in development of new products and services, but unexcited about the results? You're not alone. A majority of new products fail within a few years of launching and drain the efficiency of the organization. It may be that your strategy is right, but the execution is flawed. We've got your solution.

This year’s “Innovation Day with Chicago PDMA” full-day conference explores the HOW of product development and will arm you with practical tools to keep your origination focused on the right opportunities and help you develop an innovation roadmap to exploit high value market opportunities. Attendees will see five different presentations and PDMA member and early-bird registrants have an exclusive opportunity to attend one of two workshops.

Collaborate to Innovate

The 2013 Cincinnati Innovation Summit is centered on the theme, “Collaborate to Innovate.” Speakers will share processes and best practices that will make you more effective when you collaborate both internally and externally to innovate!

A new feature has been added to this year’s conference: Access the Innovator’s Toolbox. There will be breakout sessions to equip you with tools to address innovation through:

  • Collaboration with Customers
  • Collaboration within Organizations
  • Collaboration across the Ecosystem

At the conference you will:

  • Learn how to collaborate for innovation success
  • Gain insights into the best practices from regional and global thought leaders
  • Connect with a diverse network of innovation peers

Book Review: Design for Services

Services are at the core of new economy in the 21st century. Scientific and technological developments have transformed societies through the ages from an extractive orientation to an industrial focus. Goods creation, corresponding to the technological advancements, started making lives easier. Services, as a distinguished product class, have become the implicit domain for product innovation professionals in addressing the solution aspects of products.

As a direct consequence of ever-growing development in societies, economic pressures have accorded prime focus to the conceptualization and creation of new agendas in businesses to support these new initiatives. In general, the need for more effective services began finding expression and articulation in the businesses.

Read the full book review here