August 22, 2013

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Advanced Industrial Marketing

Read how the world's largest B2B companies bring focus to the fuzzy front end to improve new product success! Get your FREE book! (First 100 respondents)


Chicago Booth School of Business

Learn best practices from leading experts in product innovation, development and implementation strategies. Develop a New Products System, Marketing Launch Plan, Sales Forecasting and more. 5-day program. Download brochure.

Strategy 2 Market

Specializing in new product development strategy, process, portfolio management, organization and market understanding

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Carolinas Chapter

September 12, 2013

Market Research on a Shoestring

Chicago Chapter

August 30, 2013

Getting Beyond Wrigley Envy: Cubs Social Rooftop Experience

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Q2 2013 Visions Magazine Now Available
PDMA Welcomes Its Ecuador Chapter

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In addition, due to the success of last year’s Labs, we’ve upped the ante – PDMA is proud to introduce our brand-new Innovation Challenge Workshops. Examine real-life innovation problems and discover new lessons as you pool resources amongst your peers. These four-hour workshops will take place throughout PIM 13 and will feature topics like corporate case studies, typical innovation hurdles, agile innovation, portfolio development and more.

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September 5 Webcast: The Power of Embedded Predictive Analytics

Join Mark McNally from Predixion Software and James Taylor from Decision Management Solutions for The Power of Embedded Predictive Analytics Webcast on September 5, 1:00-2:00pm CT.

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September 26 Webcast: Successful Innovations: How Companies are Creatively Meeting the Need for Growth with New Products

Join Susan Ward from ITECS Innovative Consulting for the September 26, 1:00-2:00pm CT webcast.

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Q2 2013 Visions Magazine Now Available

Have you checked out the latest issue of Visions yet? PDMA members should have received a link to the issue in their inbox last month. The issue contains a feature called "Embrace Change by Embracing Innovation." Get a glimpse at what you'll learn in the excerpt below:

"The business world has always had a contradictory attitude toward change. At a cognitive level, companies acknowledge that ignoring change can be dangerous to their health—sometimes even fatal. However, that acknowledgment doesn't always translate to action. Business literature should shoulder some of the blame."

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We hope you enjoy Q2's issue and welcome your feedback on the content and new digital format. Do you have comments, questions or suggestions to share? Contact Editor-in-Chief Dennis Coyle to let us know what you think!

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PDMA Welcomes Its Ecuador Chapter

We are living in a time when good ideas are coming from emerging countries, and Latin America is one of three regions where multinational companies are expected to grow in 2013. Latin America is well positioned to lead the global economic recovery if it maintains its current growth rate.

So, continuing with the PDMA┤s vision, a group of professionals in Ecuador led by Geovanny Romero, NPDP, are working to establish Ecuador's PDMA chapter in the coming months. VP of Regional Development - Latin America, Oscar Acu˝a, NPDP, has aided in the creation of a business plan for the Ecuadorian team.

One of the first topics to approach will be "Innovation of the Customer Experience" for organizations and companies in Ecuador. PDMA Ecuador will start working in Guayaquil, the largest and most populated city in Ecaudor, and the largest city in terms of contribution to national GDP. Stay tuned for more news from PDMA's Ecuador Chapter!

Submitted by Geovanny Romero, NPDP.