August 1, 2013

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Receive an executive report of the strategies and capabilities other companies use during co-creation when you take 15 minutes to complete this survey conducted by the 2011 PDMA Research Competition winner.

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If you want to know if you are leveraging your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to the max, then this survey conducted by the PDMA Research Foundation.

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PIM 13 Early Bird Deadline is This Saturday, Register Now!
And the Winner is...
Book Review: Kill the Company

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PIM 13 Conference Early Bird Deadline

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

And the lowest rate for the PDMA Product Innovation Management Conference

Only a few more days until August 3 and then our first early bird registration will be gone! Register today to lock-in the discount rates and save up to $800 on your registration.

Here are some takeaways from this year's program:

  • Learn how to harness risk effectively, apply learned lessons at conference and walk away with an immediate plan to catalyze your innovation success.
  • Hear first-hand tips on how an open innovation model can revolutionize your company's culture to collect your next billion.
  • Apply craftsmanship to mass brands – regardless of industry, company size or competitive landscape. Take away key lessons for translating this movement into your internal innovation ecosystem.
  • Discover lesser-known aspects of Google's algorithm, and a strategy for using organic traffic from Google to achieve tremendous business gains.
  • Leave with an understanding of which strategies and tactics can help smaller competitors win today

Let us know what you're looking forward to most at PIM 13! We would love to hear from you on Twitter #PIM13, Facebook or LinkedIn.

PIM 13 Secrets of Innovation Challenge: And the Winner is...

Thank you to everyone who sent a submission for PDMA's first ever Secrets of Innovation Challenge. Submissions came in all forms and reflected the PDMA community's creativity with photos, 3-D images and poems used to convey innovation secrets. Not only did the contest spark ideas, but it generated conversation, connecting innovators across the world.

Your votes for the winner have been tallied! Check out our Facebook page to see the photo you felt best encapsulates a key secret to innovating under constraint. The lucky winner has won a free registration to this year's PIM 13 conference. Don't worry though, you can continue the conversation and join the winner by registering for the conference today. Act fast though, early bird registration ends August 3.

Book Review: Kill the Company

By Lisa Bodell: Bibliomotion, 2012. 237 + xv pages.
Book Review by Teresa Jurgens Kowal, NPDP

Lisa Bodell’s new book, “Kill the Company,” offers an entertaining approach to real organizational change. Rather than investigating how a firm can beat the competition, “Kill the Company” flips roles and asks, “How would you put yourself out of business?”

Defining innovation as “the ability to develop novel and useful ideas with a business purpose,” (pg. xxi) Bodell forces the reader to confront the fact that undesirable outcomes are a result of diseased organizational cultures. In Chapter 1, aptly titled Innovation Begins with You, the author indicates that most companies do not have an innovation problem. Instead, they have a leadership problem. This is a situation that is described as becoming “reactive to the chaos around us instead of proactive toward a purpose” (pg. 8). An easy-to-use diagnostic tool follows so the reader can gauge his or her own level of innovation maturity. Read more.