July 3, 2013
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Benchmarking Opportunity: How Good Are You at Cocreating?
How Green Innovation Reformed BMW
Transform Innovation from a Random Event to Reliable System
Innovation Problems Got You Down? PIM 13 Can Help!

Benchmarking Opportunities

Are you REALLY good at Co-creation?

Or do you just think you are? Learn who's doing it right and who you're beating when it comes to co-creation. Receive an executive report of the strategies and capabilities other companies use during co-creation when you take 15 minutes to complete this survey conducted by Kande Kazadi, PDMA Research Forum 2011 winner and Ph.D. fellow at the Research Foundation Flanders at the University of Antwerp. Contact Kande Kazadi at with further questions.

Networking and Development Opportunities

Upcoming Sustainable Innovation SIG Webinar: How Green Innovation Reformed BMW

Tuesday, July 16, 11:00am, EDT

Presented by Peter Dempster, BMW Technology Office USA
Moderated by Phil Metz, Singing Dog LLC

Learn how one of the most advanced technology companies in the world is evolving its product planning strategy for a greener world. BMW foresees a future with electromobility and has launched forward-looking green initiatives such as Project i . Join us for this webcast to hear how BMW is planning to influence us to live more consciously and sustainably. Learn more and register here .

Upcoming Webcast: Tired of Being on the Down Side of the Business Growth Curve? – Learn How Innovation Can Be Transformed From a Random Event into a Reliable System

Thursday, July 18, 1:00pm, CST

Presented by, Bruce Hall, President, Eureka! Ranch
Moderated by, Jerel Walters

Innovation Engineering has helped accelerate $4.1 Billion worth of ideas into innovation pipelines for companies. This proven methodology is currently being taught on nine university campuses, with more adding it to their curriculum this fall. Let the experts at Eureka! Ranch show you what all the buzz is about. Click here to learn more.

Innovation Problems Got You Down? PIM 13 Can Help!

New to the Product Innovation Management (PIM) annual conference this year, PDMA is hosting a Call for Challenges

Submit your toughest innovation challenge for a four-hour corporate therapy session, and work with nearly 50 professionally-facilitated expert innovators to dissect and resolve your problem.

Come see what a cross-disciplinary team of innovators with an appetite for a good challenge can do for your business. All that's missing is you. So...

If your company is interested in sponsoring a Challenge at PIM 13, contact us at