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September 2013

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Personal Emergency Response Systems and How to Choose
Recently, my husband's 96 year old grandma had her first fall at
home in the middle of the night. Thankfully she was fine and could get up. What if she had been hurt or couldn't get up? Since she didn't have a phone she could reach, it would  have been several hours before anyone knew she was hurt or needed help. Since statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that two-thirds of seniors will fall again within six months of a fall, we are now shopping for personal emergency response systems. We want peace of mind and help to ensure that she is safe since she lives alone and needs a system that is matched to her needs.
So what is a personal emergency response system (PERS)? How do you choose? Read More
Improving Bathroom Safety
200,000 bathroom accidents occur each year according to the National Safety Council. The bathroom can be an extremely dangerous place especially when slippery. Bathroom accidents account for 70% of all home accidents. Bathrooms and seniors with vision, balance, or coordination challenges can be a recipe for disaster. Preventing these disasters from happening require improving the overall safety in the bathroom.


Without breaking the bank to remodel a bathroom, here are several easy ways to avoid bathroom injuries:


Place a bench or stool for sitting in the shower. This seat can maintain their ability to safely shower without assistance. Even placing a chair near a sink so that aging loved ones can sit while brushing their teeth, putting their makeup on or combing their hair can make daily grooming more manageable. If getting over the tub wall is nearly impossible, transfer benches are available. Transfer benches eliminate the need for stepping over the tub edge and allow a senior to sit on the bench outside of the tub and slide over into the tub/shower area. Read More

Questions to Ask Aging Loved Ones 
Planning ahead is hard if you don't know all the answers. While no one likes to talk about "what if", as our parents age we must ask those hard questions. According to the U.S. Department of  Health, approximately 70% of Americans will need some type of long term care in the future. Having these discussions can be stressful, but they will insure that your loved one's wishes and needs are met.


So let's talk about possible scenarios. If your parent is unable to make decisions for themselves, who will do so? Have they set a health care power of attorney? Does that person understand their preferences and know they are responsible? Read More

There are many resources in Louisville enabling seniors to stay at home from geriatric physicians, medical equipment, delivered meals, transportation services and caregivers. ElderCare 4 Families has names and numbers of many community resources. Please feel free to call us at any time if we can ever help you at 502-244-8446Visit our website for more information      
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Personal Emergency Response Systems
Improving Bathroom Safety
Talking with Aging Loved Ones
September Alzheimer's Month
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Studies have shown that music has the ability to repair brain damage and return lost memories. No wonder people say music is good for the soul. Apparently, music is good for the rest of the body too! 
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September Spotlight
September is Alzheimer's Month. ElderCare 4 Families serves many clients with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. We are committed to helping clients with memory challenges stay at home as long as they are safe and happy. Care personalized to your loved one with a trained Alzheimer's caregiver is key to overall client satisfaction. Let ElderCare 4 Families help your patients or clients stay at home with personalized assistance that focuses on health, safety and happiness. Call today for a free in-home assessment at 502-244-8446.