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Downsizing & Reorganizing Your Life
Downsizing and reorganizing can make life simpler. Do we really need all those things in our homes? Many seniors chose to downsize when they move, have a life changing experience, an illness or death in the family, or simply want a more simplistic life. Reorganizing and downsizing may also make items more accessible and the home a little safer. 


So the question is where do you start when you want to de-clutter? Start with one room that is used frequently and give yourself a time limit so that the project remains manageable and not overwhelming. Set small goals with manageable tasks each day. Your goal for one day could be to clean out a closet in two hours.


Think about the items in that room that are the most important and if you could only grab 20 items, what would those be? What use does that item have in your life? If you haven't used it in the last year, it may not be that important.  Read More
When Is The Last Time You Stopped To Smell The Flowers? Care for Caregiver
When is the last time you put yourself first? Whether you are a caregiver or not, this may be a difficult question to answer. I know many people typically put themselves last in their long list of priorities especially if they are caring for someone else. Many caregivers dive head first into the responsibility of caregiving and simply then take things one day at a time. Before you know it, you find yourself tired, stressed and possibly even sick. So stop now and smell the flowers. Take a look around and find ways to recharge your battery.


Take these helpful tips to keep yourself healthy and happy when caring for an aging loved one.

  • Take good care of yourself - you have no choice but to do this. You need to come first, not last. It's very easy to neglect yourself when you have caregiving, a family, and a job. Read More
Foot Care Tips 
If you are like most people, your feet take a lot of wear and tear each day and it is easy to forget about them until they hurt. Take time daily to care for your feet so that they keep on stepping. If you are  diabetic, it is even more important for you to pay special attention to your feet each and every day. Here are a few diabetic foot care tips:
  • Do not apply heat to the diabetic foot/feet.
  • Do not soak feet.
  • Pat your feet dry with a soft towel and do not rub to prevent blisters.
  • Have a podiatrist trim your toenails to prevent infection. Also ask the Podiatrist to treat any corns or calluses. Do not treat your own feet.
  • Use caution when treating foot problems with over the counter medications.
  • Wear properly fitted shoes and do not ever walk around barefoot. Read More
Each day, many of us can count our blessings but at times life gets in the way. It can be challenging to see over illness, aging, lost jobs, cars problems, screaming kids or caregiving responsibilities. As I speak with many of our ElderCare 4 Families' clients, I am amazed by their life stories, humor, spunkiness, strength or will power. We are blessed as a company to serve these remarkable individuals that have contributed much kindness, intellect, service and legacy in our community. If
 ElderCare 4 Families can ever help you, please feel free to call us at any time at 502-244-8446Visit our website for more information      Read More
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Care for the Caregiver
Foot Care Tips
August Staying Connected Month
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August is Staying Connected Month. Seniors can stay connected in many ways throughout the community - volunteering, attending plays, going to Church, playing cards with friends, visiting Senior Centers, walking in the park and taking a class at a local community college. It is vital to aging gracefully to stay connected. Let ElderCare 4 Families help your patients or clients stay at home with personalized assistance that focuses on staying connected, health, safety and happiness. Call today for a free in-home assessment at 502-244-8446.