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July 2013

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Making Those Tough
Choices with Aging Seniors
In working with families, one of the things I continually see is the "blinders syndrome". We do not want to see our loved ones aging, changing and becoming less independent. Seeing our parents need help is a role reversal that is hard to accept. Many of us just put on the blinders and then have an extremely hard time removing them to see the reality of the situation. What we don't see does not exist, right? What we don't accept we don't have to deal with, correct? No and no.


The best thing you can do for aging seniors and for yourself and your family is to take off the blinders, step back and out of the situation and do a logical, non-emotional assessment of the situation. If you cannot do this or need help doing this, call in the experts. Then you must be ready to accept the results of the impartial assessment the experts will conduct for you. 


Consult your loved one's doctor. Make sure the physician is up-to-date on all medications being taken and all behaviors being exhibited by your parent.Take into consideration the following factors when making a plan with aging seniors...Read More

What's On Your Bucket List?
I grew up hearing stories of my parents' childhood travels out west and thus developed my own dreams of seeing the Colorado Rockies and viewing the tops of the Redwoods in California. Those individual dreams turned into hopes of taking an 
extended road trip to visit the national parks west of the Mississippi. And while I've accomplished the first two, I'm still holding out for that road trip!!


Most people have a bucket list of some sort; some people have the same dreams from childhood while others have wishes that change with the different stages of life. But one thing that rarely changes is the innate human ability to hope for new and inspiring experiences! As we or our loved ones age, we don't lose that desire to experience the excitement of goals accomplished and life lived. Sometimes, however, the logistics can grow a little difficult to manage. But not impossible! So consider that your loved one has a bucket list-how would you go about helping them to tackle the list? Read More

Battling & Preventing Urinary
 Tract Infections (UTIs)

The elderly population is at an increased risk of developing urinary tract infections (UTIs), or bacterial infections of the urethra, bladder, ureter, and/or kidneys. In younger people, UTIs are easily combated with antibiotics, but quick treatment for the elderly can greatly reduce the chance for permanent and serious damage. If you have elderly friends or family, be watchful so they may seek treatment quickly. 


Symptoms of UTIs - Sometimes identifying urinary tract infections in the elderly is difficult as they may not be aware of or able to identify the symptoms they are experiencing. One common factor is confusion, or a significant change in mental status developing over 1-2 days. You may observe agitation, restlessness, difficulty in concentrating, hallucinations/ delusions, or unusual sleepiness in your loved one. Should you notice any of these symptoms, take action immediately and set a doctor's appointment for testing. Detected early, UTIs may be treated easily with antibiotics and further damage may be prevented. Read More

Thanks to Our Families
& Referral Sources
Thanks to all our families and referral sources that trust each and every day with their loved ones and clients to provide anywhere from 1 hour up to 24/7 care in the home, assisted living facility, aging in place community or hospital. If ElderCare 4 Families can ever help you, please feel free to call us at any time at 502-244-8446Visit our website for more information
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Making Tough Choices
What's On Your Bucket List?
Urinary Tract Infections
July Transportation Month
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Foods high in saturated fats can lead to Alzheimer's according to the British Journal of Nutrition.  Be wise on your food choices and use your brain often with reading, crossword puzzles, brain stay sharp. 
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July is Transportation Month. Transportation is key to keeping seniors engaged in activities outside the home, getting the medical care they need and staying connected with the community. ElderCare 4 Families provides transportation in the caregiver's vehicle, the client's car or can set up wheelchair accessible transportation. Let ElderCare 4 Families help your patients or clients stay at home with personalized assistance that focuses on health, safety and happiness. Call today for a free in-home assessment with our Senior Advocate.