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February 2013

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As a family-owned and operated home care company since 1981, serving Louisville & Southern 
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ElderCare 4 Families
Advocating For Seniors 
There comes a time in most adult children's lives when they need to parent their parent. Recently, my father decided to go outside in the ice and snow to get his paper and fell. My mom, who was sleeping inside, had no idea that he was lying in the driveway for over 15 minutes in the 
Senior Advocate
cold trying to get up. Thankfully, he managed to get up and was not hurt, but what if he hadn't? Don't wait for something to happen to your loved one before you begin advocating for them. Below are a few tips on how to advocate for your loved one.  Read more
Private, Registry and Agency 
Caregivers - What Are The Differences? 
Don't learn the hard way; become an educated consumer today and be aware of the risks and rewards for the different types of caregivers.
Our Caregivers
Recently, one of our clients had a private caregiver. When the time came to add more help, they sought out our agency to manage the care around the private caregiver. Our agency provided bonded, insured, taxed and trained caregivers. The private did not have any taxes or insurance covering her employment with the client. The private was paid under the table in cash. Unfortunately, the private hurt her back on the job and ultimately sued the client and his estate for her injuries, wages and more. Based on the lawsuit and the fact that homeowners' insurance would not pay the claim for a non-taxed caregiver in the home, this exposure cost the client thousands of dollars. 

Learn the differences between private, registry and agency caregivers.  Read More
Alzheimer's Tips for Families 
My husband's grandmother has Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is forever changing all the people it touches. Grandma may be able to make coffee or tie her shoe one day and the next she can't. It can be difficult for our family, her caregiver and any other loved ones to deal with these random changes on a daily basis. During the early stages of 
Alzheimer's, many people can continue to live independently with some help, safety measures and tools. Read More Tips
 Locally-Owned & Operated Home Care
Wow, time sure has flown. ElderCare 4 Families is celebrating 31 years of caring in Louisville and Southern Indiana.  Over the years, we have been honored to serve so many fabulous clients and families. We couldn't have done it without our professional, ethical and extraordinary caregivers, some celebrating more than 25 years of employment with us. Lastly, our advisers and referral sources have always trusted us and we can't say thank you enough. If there is anything we can ever help you with, please feel free to call us at any time at 502-244-8446
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Advocating For Seniors
Private, Registry & Agency Caregivers
Alzheimer's Tips for Families
February Heart Month
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Did you know that eating tomatoes has shown to reduce the risk of strokes by 
55-59% in men? 

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Laughter is one of the keys to healthy aging & reducing stress.

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February Spotlight
February is heart health month and the month of love.  Through our Graceful Aging Program, ElderCare 4 Families is committed to helping our clients with heart conditions.
Some of our programs are aimed at preventing re-hospitalizations for clients with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and/or diabetes. 

Our Graceful Aging Program includes:
  • Scheduling & attending MD appointments
  • Managing calendars for prescription refills, labs & appointments
  • Personalizing plans of care
  • Monitoring vitals - weight, pulse, blood pressure, blood sugars & more
  • Assisting with medications & ensuring compliance
  • Coordinating by our Senior Advocate with regularly scheduled visits
  • Communicating with physicians, home health & families
  • Assessing home safety & making home modifications 


Let ElderCare 4 Families help your patients or clients stay at home with personalized assistance that focuses on health, safety and happiness.