July 24, 2013
Steering Committee Announced

Kansans from all across the state have rapidly joined our campaign as Steering Committee members. A BIG thank you to these many supporters of the campaign, covering the state from west to east, north to south!


Click here for a complete list of Steering Committee members.



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Thank you for joining me on our campaign for Kansas Insurance Commissioner.  I'll be sending you my newsletter regularly so you'll have the very latest information from the campaign trail. I know your time is valuable so we'll keep the newsletter brief and informative.


Thank you for your many kind words and financial support in this early stage of the campaign.  I'm very grateful for friends and colleagues like you around the state and hope I can count on you in the weeks and months ahead.



Hutchinson Parade and Traveling the State


The campaign spent several days in Newton, Dodge City, and Hutchinson, finishing with the Patriots Parade in Hutchinson on July 4.  The parade had a very large turnout.  Thank you Peggy, Glenn and Karen for making our first parade a success!



Leavenworth GOP Town Hall


We attended the Leavenworth GOP Town Hall meeting on July 8.


It was a pleasure to share my thoughts regarding the importance of Insurance Commissioner to the state of Kansas. The campaign has great support in this area!

Montgomery County GOP Ice Cream Social


We have been to Montgomery and Labette Counties several times this month, recently attending the Montgomery County Ice Cream Social on July 13.
Pictured is David Wallis, a Steering Committee member from Montgomery County.  Thank you for all your help, David!


Finney and Seward Counties


We met with a number of wonderful people in Garden City as well as in Liberal on July 19-20.


My meeting with Representative Reid Petty included an interview with Earl Watt, publisher of the Leader & Times. Click here to read the article.


Our state has the greatest

natural resources, Kansans.

It was a pleasure to meet so 


many of them here in Finney and Seward Counties.


Thank you all!  


Kansas State University Business Mentoring Program


Lastly, this will be a shameless plug for those who would like to join me and the many other Kansans who participate in mentoring programs through their university, church, or business organizations.  I have served as a mentor for several years, with several organizations.  The value that we can bring to high school or college students, to young business people in all walks of life, is immense, so please seek out such an opportunity if you can.  Pictured with me is Stephen, the student I am currently mentoring at Kansas State University.
Paid for by "Kansans for Selzer" - John Wurzer, Treasurer