Fifth Episcopal District Newsletter
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Bishop Teresa E. Snorton, Presiding Bishop
September-October, 2015


At the recent annual conferences, Bishop Snorton announced that the Fifth Episcopal District was going on a "good news" campaign.  Every time we turn on the television, radio, or read a newspaper or the internet these days, seems like all we hear is "bad news".  Bishop also commented that her email, mailbox and telephone calls and messages also seem to bear "bad news", complaints and lamentations most of the time.

Recalling the words of the bible, the angels brought the "good news" of Jesus's birth (Luke 2:10). Likewise, Luke 3:18 speaks of Jesus' ministry as "good news": "So with many exhortations he preached good news to the people" and in Luke 4:18 (quoting an Old Testament passage), Jesus said "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news...". In addition, Luke 4:43, 7:22, 8:1, and 16:16 continuously refer to the work of Jesus as "good news"!
The early church saw itself as a bearer of this "good news", for even though Jesus had been crucified, his resurrection was evidence of the eternal promise of God to his people.  Throughout the rest of the New Testatment in Acts (8:12, 8:35, 10:34, 10:36, 13:32, 14:15), Romans (10:15), 1 Thessalonians (3:6), Hebrews (4:2, 4:6), 1 Peter (1:12 and 1: 26) there are references to the church embracing the mission of sharing "good news".

Since we are, therefore, a people of "GOOD NEWS", the Fifth Episcopal District's pastors and members are encouraged to do the same - share good news! We are called to share the Good News of God's love and forgiveness, the Good News of Jesus' redemption, the Good News of the presence of the Holy Spirit!  We are called to share the Good News of our churches as light in a dark world! Rather than speaking "negatively" about the church, the pastor, the presiding elder and one another, let us share "GOOD NEWS".

Bishop Snorton has set up a special email address where you may send your "GOOD NEWS": (not case sensitive).  Please send in your good news reports! 


Phillips, Huntsville, AL:  Add 16 last year.  Added 10 members in 3 weeks in the new conference year, one member got a new manager job and worship is awesome with new music!

Trinity, Miami, FL: Hosted a summer camp for the community and neighborhood children, which was highlighted in a newspaper article!

Holsey, Tampa, FL: Started the new conference year with a bang - a Vacation Bible School! And the pastor was blessed by a phone call from a 5 year old member (child), who just called to see how she was doing!

Greenfield, Pell City, AL:  A young Adult, Jaleesa Hall, was licensed to preach and did her first sermon! And the Young Adult ministry is growing!

Poplar Springs, Reform, AL: Hosted a Back to School Rally that included a backpack giveaway full of supplies for over 60 students within the community for elementary, middle school and high school students. The event also had Enrichment sessions on Bullying, The Role of A Man/Woman in the Church, Life Skills and Sportsmanship.   The children were also introduced to the new Elementary school principal of the local school..  EVERY child who participated got up and told what they learned.  It was indeed a blessing to see children speak about Jesus who normally do not attend church!  

The two annual conferences were great! Spirit-filled! Inspiring!  Thanks to everyone for your cooperation, especially with the Joint Alabama Regions Conference at Troy University!  Pictures from both conferences are on our Facebook Page - 5th Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (CME).

Pictured below are a group photos from the joint annual conference of the three Alabama Regions of delegates and  of the children/youth  at Troy University!


A full calendar of events is on the website at 

SAVE THE DATE - Saturday, December 12th 
Watch for additional information from your 
Presiding Elder and on the website!


19th        From 3-5 pm, Phillips Temple, Phenix City, AL will host a welcome program for their                      new pastor, Rev. Lawrence Jefferson.

20th        150th Church Anniversary, Phillips CME Church, Huntsville, Bishop LL Reddick                            preaching, 10:30 am

28th        through OCTOBER 2nd , CME General Connectional Board Meeting and 4th Unity                        Summit, Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida.  The Fifth District is hosting this                            connectional event.  Please register at! Tickets are still                            available for the Banquet (Thurs, Oct 1st) and the Concert (Fri, Oct 2nd)!


3rd          Big Fish Rodeo, Mt. Ararat, @ 311 Port Lane, Lincoln, AL, $25 to enter

4th          Homecoming and Dedication of Stewart-Isom CME Church, St. Petersburg, FL, 10:45                  am and 4 pm, Bishop Snorton preaching

10th        Florida Region Missionary Retreat and Planning Meeting, Carter Tabernacle, Orlando

10th        Connectional Lay Ministry Sunday

11th        Groundbreaking celebration, St. James, Cordova, AL, Bishop Snorton preaching at 3 pm

17th        Christian Education Workshop, NC Alabama Region, Tuscaloosa District

17th        Miles College Homecoming

18th        Bread For the World Sunday. Pray for those who suffer. Take up a special offering.                        Resources at 

24th        Children/Youth CME Day at Miles College

24th        Bishop's Training Day for Pastors & District Fellowship Lunch, MPCO District


7th          Bishop's Training Day for Pastors & District Fellowship Lunch, Anniston District
Athens, Gadsden

7th          Christian Education, Southeast Alabama Region, Hopewell, Monroeville

21st        Bishop's Training Day for Pastors & District Fellowship Lunch, Huntsville District,
New Jones, Decatur

22nd       Turner Chapel, Toney, AL Church Anniversary, Bishop Snorton preaching at 2:30 pm

To order pictures or DVDs from the joint Alabama Annual Conferences or the Phenomenal Women's Summit, contact Alpha Photography, 256-892-7377.

The CCTaylor Foundation provides scholarships and stipends for ministers to attend school. For more information visit or email

If you lost a power cord, reading glasses, sunglasses, a ladies watch, a child's bracelet, or a brown earring at the Alabama Regions Annual Conference, please call the office at 205-929-1145 to see if we your lost item.

PASTORS AND REGIONAL LEADERS, If your address has changed since last year, please email Rev. Gloria Longstreet your new contact information for the Directory at


Rev. Edna Barclay Scott, pastor of Whites Chapel, Wadley, AL, lost her husband in July.

Rev. Lawrence Jefferson, pastor of Phillips Temple, Phenix City, AL, lost his 29 year old son, Lawrence Jr., in July.

Rev Joyce Peeples, pastor of Tate Chapel, Furman, AL lost her father in August.

Rev. Willie Marie Gilmore, pastor of Fairfield, Halsell, AL, lost her uncle, Rev. T. E. Gilmore, who was known as "The Sheriff without A Gun", in August.

Bishop Teresa Snorton lost her aunt, Helen Jean Snorton Vaughn of Indianapolis, in August.

Mrs. Jennifer Brown, first lady of Conley Chapel, Huntsville, AL lost his mother-in-law, Mrs. Delores Wilson, in September.

Rev. James Coffey, pastor of Brown Temple, Sheffield, AL, lost his sister Laura in September.

Rev. Mary Williams Moore, retired, Florida Region, lost her son, Glenn Anthony Williams and a grandson, Ryan Williams, within 2 weeks of one another in September.

Rev. Catherine Bing, pastor of M.E. Chapel, Tuscaloosa and Macedonia, Ethelsville, lost her mother, who lived in Maryland, in September.

Ms. Carla Flakes, a member of the Phenomenal Women's Summit planning committee, lost her father, Mr. George Wallace Fomby, in September.

Please remember these pastors and leaders who had surgery in recent months:

               Rev. Dr. Clinton Haynes, retired, Anniston District, AL
               Rev. David Young, pastor, Pine Grove CME Church, Huntsville, AL
               Rev. Dr. John Walker, Jr pastor, Bethel CME Church, Sarasota, FL
               Rev. Hines Whatley, pastor, Coger Hill, Daviston, AL
               Rev. Zethelyn Johnson, pastor, Cherokee CME, Cherokee, AL
               Rev. J.C. Davis, Huntsville District
               Mrs. Geraldine Odom, Missionary President, Birmingham Region
               Dr. Barbara Boyd, General Connectional Board member, 5th District
Please remember these pastors and leaders who have been ill or hospitalized in recent months:
               Rev. Cassandra Weakley, pastor, Armstead, Florence, AL
               Rev. Nancy Madlock, pastor, New Hope, Pine Level, AL
               Rev. William Walker, Division Care of Big Springs Manor, Room 211, St. Clair St,                                 Huntsville, AL
               Rev. Gregory Woods, retired, Huntsville
               Mrs. Meadow Walker, first lady, Bethel, Sarasota, FL
Please keep Kelvin, the brother of Rev. Michael Watkins, pastor of Friendship, Tavares, FL, in prayer. He lives in Baltimore, MD and is very ill.



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