Fifth Episcopal District, CME Church Newsletter
Bishop Teresa E. Snorton
Presiding Bishop
April 2014





Rev. Mary Williams Moore (retired, Florida Region) tragically lost her grandson, Carlton Parhm. Funeral services were March 22nd.


Rev. Earlie Douthard (pastor, Pine Grove, Eastaboga, AL ) lost her father, Mr. Artie Lee Wynn.


Rev. DenTise Copeland (North Central Alabama Region) lost her sister-in-law, Virginia Pearson.  This is the wife of Rev. Copeland's brother who died last fall.


Mrs. Jana Brooks (Director of Christian Education, Anniston District) lost her husband Jerry Brooks.  She is a member of St. John, Gadsden.


Mrs. Sheila Graves (First Lady, Hall Memorial, Montgomery) lost her father.  His funeral will be Saturday, April 5th in Montgomery.




Rev. David Young (pastor, Pine Grove, Huntsville) is recovering from emergency heart surgery.


Rev. Walter Elliott (retired, Huntsville District) was recently hospitalized and has now moved to Sunnyside Elderly Care Home, 1808 30th St, N, Birmingham.


Rev. Paris Moore (retired, Florida Region) in undergoing cancer treatment.


Rev. Gregory Woods (Huntsville District) is back in the hospital.


Rev. Belinda McCain (Birmingham District) was hospitalized last month and she lost an uncle.


Rev. Margaret Boudreaux (pastor, Layman Chapel, Birmingham District) needs prayers for her health.


Mrs. Ethel Monroe (Ministers' Spouse, Florida Region) had cataract surgery.


Birmingham District Presiding Elder Lilly Rainey's grandson, Austin, passed out at school in Virginia, and is now being evaluated.


Rev. Mildred Watson's sister, Geraldine, is ill. Rev. Watson is the pastor at Smith Tabernacle in Anniston.

Linda Forte, Ph.D.




When meeting with your healthcare provider to discuss test results, certain terms have  implication for your health.  They include but are not limited to the following: 


Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the blood vessels.  The top number (systolic) is when your heart is pumping.  The bottom number (diastolic) is when your heart is resting between beats.


Cholesterol is increased by eating too many foods high in fat.


  • HDL  (high density lipoprotein) is the "good cholesterol". Maintain a level of 40 or higher.  
  • LDL (low density cholesterol) is the "bad cholesterol".  Maintain a level of 100 or less. 
  • Triglycerides are the most common type of fat found in foods and the body.  Maintain a level of 150 or less. 

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not make or use insulin correctly, resulting in a build-up of sugar in the blood.  


Heart attack occurs when there is insufficient blood flow to the heart.  


Take the time to be a pro-active participant in managing your own health.



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"Behold, I am making all things new" Revelation 21:5


This has been a difficult winter for most people, at least in terms of the weather.  In many places in our Episcopal District, the weather has been colder than usual and we have had multiple, unexpected snow, ice and sleet events.  Across the United States, many have experienced blizzards, record snowfalls and below zero temperatures.  I am aware of several individuals in the Episcopal District who have been stranded, have fallen, had bursted pipes and so on this winter.


The scripture reminds us, however, that in Christ each day is a new day - "morning by morning new mercies we see."  Spring is a visual reminder of the newness we experience in Christ and a reminder of God's ever present love for his people.  The trees bud, the flowers bloom, the grass turns green with a predictability that we know is beyond our control.  God takes the dreariness of winter and makes things new again! 


During the season of the approaching Easter, which is another reminder of the new life we can have in Christ, may each of us feel God's new vision, new hope, new joy that awaits all of His creation!   For in Christ, the dreariness and weariness of our lives can always be transformed into something new!




My deepest and sincere thanks to everyone for a wonderful quadrennial celebration at the Alabama Regions Spring Convocation.  Everything was lovely and the evening was absolutely beautiful.  Thanks to all who traveled to attend - members of the Fifth and other visitors.  A special thank you to the Planning Committee and to Miles College for being such a gracious host of the event and the entire Convocation. I am grateful for your generosity and expressions of love through gifts!  It has been a most rewarding, spirit-filled experience to serve as your Bishop! I love you all! 



June 28 - July 4, 2014 

Baltimore, MD


General Conference information can be found on the CME website at  Delegates have received their information from the Bishop's office regarding registration, hotel and travel.  Observers, visitors and guests can find all the information needed on the website.





The third annual  CME Unity Summit will be held September 23-27, 2014 in Memphis, TN.  July 31st is the deadline to receive sponsors ($5,000 - $50,000), souvenir journal ads ($350-$1000) or entries for the CME Business Directory ($50).  For more information, contact the Fifth District Representative, Rev. Marquise Hardrick at CME Unity Summit Ads





April 11-12 Jacksonville-Orlando District, New Bethel, Campbellton, FL, Presiding Elder Roscoe McKinney


April 11-12 Birmingham District, St. Mark (Titusville), Birmingham, AL, Presiding Elder Lilly Rainey


April 25-26 Miami-Tampa District, New Grace, Plant City, FL,  Presiding Elder Lionel Walker


May 16-17 Mobile District, Hopewell, Monroeville, AL, Presiding Elder K. Solomon Williams


May 24       Anniston District, Murray Temple, Anniston, AL, Presiding Elder Frederick Braddock


June 7         Huntsville District, Jackson Chapel, Courtland, AL, Presiding Elder Janice Lewis


June 7         Tuscaloosa District, Star of Bethlehem, Havana, AL, Presiding Elder Oscar Massey


June 13-14   Montgomery-Phenix City-Opelika District, Phillips Temple, Phenix City, Presiding Elder                      Richard Hassell




Friday-Saturday, April 4th-5th

Florida Region Spring Convocation, Carter Tabernacle CME Church, Orlando, FL


Saturday, April 5th, 9 am - 1 pm

Officers  and Leaders Training Workshop, Southside CME Church, Birmingham, AL,  sponsored by the Birmingham District Board of Christian Education, open to all churches


Saturday, April 5th, 10 am- 1 pm

Cancer Awareness Workshop "Cutting Away the Fears", Metropolitan CME Church, Birmingham, AL


Saturday, April 5th

"Healing the Hurt Ministries" Women's Conference, First CME Church, Montgomery, AL


Saturday, April 12th

Board of Christian Education Huntsville District Workshop, Phillips, Huntsville, AL


Saturday, April 12th 10 am

Anniston District Board of Christian Education's Children, Youth and Young Adult Conference, Mt. Zion C.M.E. Church, Alpine, AL . 


Wednesday-Friday, April 23rd-25th

Spring Revival, Smith Tabernacle CME Church, Anniston, AL. Click here to view flyer!


Saturday, April 26th  10 am

Birmingham Region Ministry to Men Annual Forum, Jacobs Chapel, Talladega, AL


Sunday, April 27th  3 pm

125th Church Anniversary, William Temple, Thomasville, AL , Rev. Abraham Wright, pastor


Thursday-Saturday, May 1st -3rd

"Arise and Walk" Women's Conference, Taylor Chapel, Pritchard, AL

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