June 15, 2015:  MCM Weekly Newsletter

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June 19 Board of Directors Meeting 11:00 a.m.
             Comfort Suites, Helena, Sleeping Giant Room
June 19 Safety Meeting 5:00 p.m.
              L&C Fairgrounds Helena

June 20  Truck Driving Championships, 7:00 registration
               Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds
               Helena, MT
June 22-24 Summer Share The Road, Billings

June 26 Helena Share The Road, Capital High School, Helena, 10:00 a.m.
July 15-17 RMRSR
                  Mountain View Ranch, ID
                  Refer to flyer below 
Safety Corner by Jake Sandau

Share The Road

Share the Road is a safety program that teaches high school students how the properly share the road with large trucks. The program's goal is to reach as many high school students as possible and change driving behavior to save lives. When the Share the Road program visits a high school, a trucking company brings their tractor-trailer and gives the students an opportunity to get behind the wheel. They can see exactly where the blind spots are and what other challenges may occur while on the road. MCM is looking for trucking companies who are willing to send a driver and a truck to a local high school. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community and help provide safer roads.


Last year, around 2000 students from across Montana completed this program. Furthermore, our Billings members have been volunteering their time for this program for the last nine years. In that time, about 14,000 Billings area students have completed this program. Thank you to all of those who have volunteered their time to help make this program successful.


If anybody is interested in helping with this program in your area, please contact Jake Sandau at 406-442-6600 or jake@mttrucking.org  

FMCSA Grants Two-Year Renewal of Livestock Haulers HOS Exemption

The Agricultural & Food Transporters Conference, in conjunction with a coalition of livestock organizations, recently petitioned and was granted a renewal for a two year exemption for livestock haulers from the 30 minute rest break.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently announced their decision to extend the exemption for drivers of vehicles hauling livestock from the 30-minute break requirement during the first eight hours of on-duty time. In 2013, FMCSA granted livestock haulers a 90-day waiver during the hot summer months with no adverse effects to safety, and subsequently granted a one year exemption on June 11, 2014. Click here

 to view the pre-publication to the federal register notice (a formal notice will be published June 12).  


For more information contact AFTC Executive Director Jon Samson: jsamson@trucking.org.
Summer Share The Road

We are in need of volunteers for Share The Road in Billings June 24
for the spots highlighted in red below.


As you consider volunteering please remember that we need your equipment at the location hour before the class starts. 

Each piece of equipment needs 2 people and we also require
additional cars/pick-ups to go in the no zones.

Any help you can provide in these areas would be appreciated. 
For questions please contact Frank Molodecki at



Equipment Provider
West High June 24
ATA Steve FieldsDave May (ATA)
DTS (Wayne Crowder)Ralph Garcia (ATA)
3 truck/driver, 3 volunteers
 Equipment needed
Jake Sandau (MCM)

 Equipment needed
 Frank's son

 Equipment needed
 Helper Needed

10am - 12 pm
ATA Steve FieldsDave May (ATA)

2DTS (Wayne Crowder)Ralph Garcia (ATA)
1 truck/driver, 1 volunteer
 Equipment needed
Jake Sandau (MCM)

ATA Steve FieldsDave May (ATA)
DTS (Wayne Crowder)Ralph Garcia (ATA)