May 4, 2015:  MCM Weekly Newsletter

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May 7   Great Falls Safety Meeting, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
              Location:  HUB International
              Breaking down Worker's Compensation costs, what you can and cannot control
              Speakers  Dustin Klostermeier, HUB
              Battling the driver shortage & new hires - Speaker TBA
              Appetizers & beverages will be provided

May 13  Billings Safety Meeting, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
              Location:  TBA
              Speaker:  Bruce Holmes, FMCSA
              Topic:  Latest regulation news

May 20 Fly-In Lube & Wash Open House Celebration
             9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
             Come help Bob celebrate at 705 Johnson Lane in Lockwood

June 20  Truck Driving Championships
               Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds
               Helena, MT

June 22-24 Summer Share The Road, Billings
July 15-17 RMRSR
                  Mountain View Ranch, ID
                  Refer to flyer below 
MT Raises Point of Taxation for Diesel

By 2015 legislation (H.B. 99) effective this coming October 1, Montana has combined its fuel taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel so as to (1) raise the point of taxation of diesel fuel to the distributor level, and (2) to extend the fuel use tax administered and collected under the International Fuel Tax Agreement to gasoline as well as diesel.  Montana is one of the last states - if not the very last - to raise the taxation of diesel to the terminal rack, where off-highway diesel is dyed.  There is no change in the tax rate. 

Safety Corner - By Jake Sandau

Every person determines their own fortune, and that fortune, good or bad, depends on the individual's acceptance of personal responsibility. At a young age, we are taught to assume responsibilities. Even today, as adults, we still learn and decide whether to accept certain obligations.


When responsibilities are shunned or rejected, someone must cope with the results. Police officers, judges, juvenile officers, and social workers respond to most of these rejections in our society. In safety, doctors, nurses, and funeral directors often deal with the consequences of rejected responsibilities.


By accepting and practicing safety responsibility, you ensure your future both at home and on the job.


You do the same for your fellow worker as well, because socially and morally you are responsible for preventing accidents to others as well.


If you see an unsafe act, do something about it - point it out so others are aware and can avoid future mistakes.


Point out to other employees when safety is not being practiced. After all, it is their responsibility to prevent an accident to you as well.


Use good work habits - don't be impulsive, and remember that hurrying can hurt.


Develop the attitude that "if I do something wrong, I'm taking the chance of getting hurt". Then do the job the right way.


If you are a supervisor - help new employees learn that safety is the rule, not the exception. Teach them proper safety responsibility before you turn them loose.


Practice leaving personal problems and emotional stress away from the job. Remember, that accidents do not just happen - they are caused. Correct little mistakes before they grow into permanent bad habits. Safety responsibility is up to you.


"PRACTICE SAFETY - Do not learn it through Accidental Experience"



2nd Annual SuperTech Challenge
The 2nd Annual MT SuperTech Competition was held Saturday, May 2 at Helena College in Helena, MT.  Twenty mechanics and four students participated in this event, also with several volunteers and a handful of spectators cheering them on.  Our 1st place winner has the opportunity to attend the 2015 TMC National Technician Skills Competition in Orlando, FL, September 21-22.  Thank you to all our contestants, volunteers and sponsors.

        1st Place                        2nd Place                      3rd Place
     Curtis Madsen                Damon Brumel                  Tyrel Munday
       MTS Freight                Montana Peterbilt             Montana Peterbilt
          Helena                             Missoula                        Missoula

    1st Place                          2nd Place                       3rd Place
  Jason Simon                  Colin Prendergast                TK Blackford
   Helena College                 Helena College               Helena College  
      Helena                              Helena                            Helena

                                Station Winners

Station 1 Written Test              Station 2 Drive Train            Station 3 Trailer Lights
         Farren Flynn                           Damon Brumel                        Stace Hovland
K&K Trucking, Great Falls        Montana Peterbilt, Missoula        Food Services, Billings

Station 4 Wheel End      Station 5 Information Systems   Station 6 Engine Diagnostics
    Tyrel Munday                                   Bill Walks                             Lance Galpin
Montana Peterbilt, Missoula        J&D Truck Repair, Helena          Biggers Transport, Butte

Station 7 Wheel & Tire              Station 8 Annual                    Station 9 Fasteners
        Farren Flynn                          Brian Ankrum                                Tyrel Munday
K&K Trucking, Great Falls          Ankrum Trucking, Billings       Montana Peterbilt, Missoula  
Station 10 Electrical Multi-Meter

          Damon Brumel
   Montana Peterbilt, Missoula

                                        Dave Gardner, MTS Freight
                                Jake Sandau, Motor Carriers of Montana
                                Katie Bowlds, Motor Carriers of Montana
                                     Amber Skillman, Photographer     
                           Brandon & Nolan Dulaney, Watkins & Shepard
                                    Frank Cookson, City College Billings
                                    Jeff Steeger, Motor Carrier Services
                                    Jeff Swaner, Imperial Supplies
                                    Jim Dusenberry, J&D Truck Repair
                                    Joseph Flynn, K&K Trucking 
                                        Keith Miner, Lite-Check
                                    Ken Miller, Inland Truck Parts
                                         Mark Meyer, MTS Freight

                                         Rick Kelley, MT Peterbilt
                                         Rick Purcell, Helena College
                                         Rylar Masco, Purkey's
                                         Sean Leventes, MAC Tools
                                         Stephanie Pedroza, JPro
                                         Steve Burch, Helena Sand

                                    Tim Garland, Les Schwab Tire
                                         Tim Opie, Helena Sand
                          Chris Williams, Department of Transportation
                          Brad Morgan, Department of Transportation
                          Doug Jager, Department of Transportation 
                          John Clark, Department of Transportation
                          Pam Scott, Department of Transportation



Fly-In Lube & Wash Open House Celebration
MCM members come help Fly-In Lube and Wash celebrate their open house 
May 20th, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.. Come help Bob celebrate at 705 Johnson Lane in Lockwood.
57th Annual RMRSR