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zSpace - 3D Virtual Reality for K-12
3D Systems - 3D Printing
Afinia - 3D Printing
Amatrol - Industrial Technology Training
Automation Studio - Simulation Training
Energy Concepts, Inc - Science & Skills Training
FANUC - Robotics
Heliocentris - Renewable Energy
SimLog - Simulation Training
Techno CNC Systems - CNC Education
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Boxlight | Mimio - Technology
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NEW Flexible Filament 
Afinia has just introduced NinjaTek Cheetah™ flexible filament.
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September 2016 
Back to School is our favorite time of year!
Why? In addition to the crisp fall air (and football season), we are always really excited about the prospect of what's to come. Fall is full of promise for the coming months! And we are working hard to make this year your best year yet! How? you ask. We've rolled out some new tools for your classroom, including:
  • Technology from Boxlight - never before has Ed Tech held such promise. It's easy to integrate and incredibly cost effective - we promise!
  • An Entrepreneurship program that you can implement almost anywhere - with unbelievable results!
  • Renewed STEM and Industrial Technology focus
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Blog Posts
K-12 STEM Blog Posts
Where does Entrepreneurship Coursework "Fit"? - Think Entrepreneurship classes are just found in the Business wing? Think again! People are re-thinking how to inspire students to pursue their entrepreneurial spirit. You may be surprised at where it fits in!

The Importance of STEM: Real-World Experimentation and Our Future - Elements of STEM are integral to our nation's economy - from health care to infrastructure needs, energy, and the environment. That's why one of the most important tasks we have as educators is to encourage our students to consider careers in STEM.

4 Tips to Truly Engage Students with Technology Tools - 
Instead of expecting students to learn without technology, we should develop thoughtful ways of integrating technology into our student's day.

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K-12 Industrial Technology Blog Posts
Amatrol Making Updates to eLearning Website- Do use Amatrol's eLearning content? You may have noticed a few changes. We'll help you navigate.

Basic Assembly Skills Are as Important as Ever, Even in This Technology-Heavy Era - We often talk about the advanced skills positions available in today's manufacturing, but we can't forget about the importance of the fundamentals - and this is why. 

 - We've been hearing a lot about the Maker Movement recently. But what is the Maker Movement? And how important is it to the local and national economy? (Infographic) 

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Solution: Agriculture Education
wheat_field.jpg There are approximately 22 million people who work in agriculture related fields, in over 200 career categories. More than farming and ranching, careers in agriculture encompass Animal Science, Plant Science, Power Systems, Food Science, Veterinary Science, Natural Resources, Agribusiness, and much more. Learn about these topics (and more) with iCEV. Student licenses are as low as $10/student. 

More than Agriculture, iCEV has coursework in the following areas:
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