Marc's History with Habitat for Humanity

Marc Working on the roof
Haiti, 2012

Chiang Mai
Thailand 2009

Marc Saw
Houma, Louisianna
2007 after Katrina


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 "Send Marc to Nepal" Campaign



As you know, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Nepal in April,  and just as I am writing this article, another 7.3-magnitude struck again on May 11th.  The resulting death roll and the number left homeless has yet to be completely tallied.


This coming November, as part of Habitat for Humanity's annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, hundreds of volunteers will descend on Pokhara, Nepal to build homes, as part of Habitats ambitious goal of supplying housing for 100,000 Nepalese by 2016.


Critical Response Associates has decided to ship our very own Dr. Marc to Nepal - with hammer and saw, to be part of this massive effort.


This is not Marc's first Habitat experience, but it is different in terms of the relative costs involved. Due to the lack of infrastructure, the challenging logistics, and most importantly, the funding needed for the future building that will be required, each volunteer must not only contribute his or her time and energy, and pay for transportation to the site. Each volunteer must raise a minimum of $3000 for the project, and half of that is due by July.


Critical Response Associates is committed to matching any contribution that you would like to make, to get us up to the $3000 mark and beyond. We appreciate any gift, large or small, from corporate or individual sponsors. Let's send Marc to Nepal!


 To donate click here, Habitat has set up a special website for this.









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