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Critical Response AssociatesVolume 12 Issue 3

Welcome to our April newsletter


I hope that you all are faring well, and that the New Year has treated you kindly thus far. I apologize for neglecting last month's edition; it has been a relatively busy winter for us. As such, we have several announcements to make that may be of interest to you.



Announcing CRA's New Workplace Violence Prevention Program


Based on the calls that we have receiving, there appears to be an increase in awareness over the past year around the issue of workplace violence prevention, probably fueled in part by new OSHA Directives, increased legislation, higher jury awards for negligence, and emerging standards of care, such as SHRM/ASIS's American National Standard for Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention - not to mention the heightened sensitivity due to recent headline-grabbing events.


Over the years, our clients have expressed some confusion about the variety of programs and initiatives available to them, along with their usual budgetary concerns. In other words, it typically comes down to the basic questions of, "what exactly do I need? - and in a way that I can I fit it within my budget?"


In response to these concerns, we at CRA have recently combined our services into a "packaged" Workplace Violence Prevention Program. This package of services provides to organizations a comprehensive, yet cost-effective program, that incorporates all of the critical components identified in most recommended standards of care - but which can be delivered easily, quickly, and without ongoing demands on your budget.


This program is also being offered in partnership with the F&H Solutions Group (FHSG), a national consulting firm specializing in human resources and labor relations matters, and in association with the Ford & Harrison law firm.


The program is what is generally minimally required to help protect your employees, reduce the associated financial costs, reduce your legal exposure and protect the reputation of the company. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Workshops planned in Sante Fe, Orlando, Las Vegas and Washington D.C.

Save the Dates
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I am very pleased to announce a very special 1.5-day workshop on Critical Communication Skills: Leading Difficult Conversations that will take place September 26- 27 in Santa Fe, NM. I will be co-delivering this workshop with my friend and colleague, Dr. Todd Conklin, a leading expert and author in the field of Communications and Safety. This is a long overdue workshop that Todd and I have been planning but have had to work around Todd's rather busy international speaking schedule. The program is for Human Resource, Safety, Security and Organizational Development specialists - and any professional who has high-risk conversations with difficult or challenging workers, contractors, or the general public. We plan to offer it in Santa Fe, NM, which is Todd's hometown and one of my favorite places to visit. Stay tuned for details.


  It has been a while since we have publicly delivered our 1- day Workplace Violence Prevention and Management Workshop. We anticipate rolling out this program again this Fall in Orlando, and during 2014 in Washington D.C., and Las Vegas. This program is an introductory course for Human Resources, Corporate Security, Risk Management, Legal Counsel and Facilities Management - anyone within an organization that wants to know more about the fundamentals of how to prevent and manage workplace violence within organizational settings. As always, it will be very comprehensive and have several speakers form different disciplines. The Orlando date will be October 25th. The Atlanta and Washington dates will be announced later, and we also anticipate something on the West Coast.


I plan to include some of these concepts in a shorter presentation that I'll be delivering on the subject of "Managing Threats in Organizations" at the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP) conference in Vienna later this month. As always, if you have an interest in learning more about the field of threat assessment, there are several Associations of Threat Assessment Professionals now worldwide, with annual conferences in the U.S. (August 13 - 16), Europe (April 23 - 26), Canada (October) and Australia.


We will be announcing details on our website and in newsletters, but If you have any interest in a specific program, send us an email, and we will alert you when we have more details.


 As always, please feel free to give us feedback, and let us know if there are topics that you would like to see discussed in our newsletters.


All the best,

Marc McElhaney, Ph.D.







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New Additions



We would also like to announce an addition to our consulting staff. I am very pleased that John Manelos, former VP of Corporate Security for BP's Gulf Coast Restoration division, has joined CRA in the position of our Senior Security Consultant. John will be joining us at our regular Spring Case Conference and Associates Meeting in Atlanta later this month. John is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for workplace violence programs, and a very valued addition to our group - someone who has worked closely with us on many projects and critical issues. For more information about John, we should have his bio on our website shortly.