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WPV StickFebruary 2013
Critical Response AssociatesVolume 12 Issue 2

Welcome to the February, 2013 issue of our newsletter. I hope that the new year to this point has been a safe and productive one for all of you. 

Beginning with this issue, we will be featuring our associates - those whom many of you may have already met, either in person or by phone, typically when dealing with a critical issue of some sort. It is only fitting that we begin by introducing Dr. Carol Beavers, as Carol and I have been working together for more years than we often can remember. Carol's very deep experience in working with an incredibly wide range of complicated and critical issues, coupled with her common sense and easy-going manner, has been central to her ability to quickly assess, stabilize and manage literally hundreds of high-risk situations for our clients. She has been invaluable to our program. 

If you would like to get to know more about us and our associates, please visit our website - or call us at any time.

Marc McElhaney, Ph.D.
CEO & Director of Professional Services
Critical Response Associates

Meet our Associate

Dr. Carol Beavers

Dr. Beavers leads the Trauma Management for CRA and has provided services during many "headline events."   She was called to provide services to victims and to management in a shooting at a major shopping center in Atlanta. She was deployed to Oklahoma City in the wake of the bombing of the Federal Building, providing crisis response to the employees of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board where the drive shaft of the bomber's truck sliced through their building.


Following the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center, she served as part of the team of crisis professionals providing services in NY City, making her way through that devastated area to provide counseling and to support management. Twice more, she was called back to provide post-traumatic consulting to other mental health professionals who had been affected by their own experiences there.


Tragedy struck in Atlanta with the "Day Trader Shooting," in which a man entered an office building, coldly killed four people, then crossed the street to another building and killed five more. Dr. Beavers was on site the next morning, advising management, establishing a counseling center, and overseeing the services of the crisis response professionals.


She has advised many of the Fortune 100 companies on dealing with threats of violence, both from outside and within their companies. Recognized for her responsiveness, creativity and compassion in troubling times, she has appeared on CNN and the Fox network as a crisis expert. read more..


About Us

"Critical Response Associates helps keep companies safe and secure. Our expert team of psychologists identifies and resolves high-risk threats and violence in the workplace. We have a 100% success rate, using a comprehensive behavioral process that we developed. We protect our clients from crises and expensive litigation, and their employees from harm. When we walk away from a situation, everyone can walk away feeling safe." read more... 




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