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Patient Power Videos from ASH (American Society of Hematology) held in New Orleans, Louisiana
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 Dr. Adrian Wiestner (National Heart Lung and Blood Institute)  
Understanding CLL Clinical Trials
Understanding CLL Clinical Trials



Dr. Richard Furman (Weill Cornell Medical College) 

Promising Chemo-Free Combination Therapies to Treat CLL
Promising Chemo-Free Combination Therapies to Treat CLL


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January 2014


Dear  , 

Happy 2014! We hope your year has started off with a bang. We have certainly had a busy month at CLL Global. Last weekend, we hosted the CLL Global Alliance meeting. We also reviewed grant applications and should have new grant recipients to announce in the February tidbits. Stay tuned.

CLL News
CLL Alliance Meeting


CLL Global Alliance members gathered in Houston on January 18 and 19 for the semi-annual Alliance meeting. The Alliance is a collaborative group of CLL investigators; there is a true sense of camaraderie and trust that has developed which accelerates new collaborations and ideas for research approaches. The meeting is an opportunity for experts to discuss their ongoing research and develop future explorations.  For this year's meeting, several subject matter experts presented on genetics, delivery systems, and viral aspects.


Much of the first day's conversation centered on new therapeutics, immunotherapy and the microenvironment of the CLL cells. Following lunch, the conversation shifted to studies using immunotherapy.  


Signficiant time was also devoted to therapeutics targeting the BTK signaling and selective inhibition of various proteins that contribute to the progression of CLL. Therapeutic options were discussed from the angle of personalized therapies based on the cytogenetic subtypes of CLL patients. 


The theme of the second day was, "What is the Next Big Thing in Genetics?" The morning started off with a presentation on Richter's syndrome and how to best handle patients with this mutation. Dr. Stephan Stilgenbauer (University of Cologne) informed the group on the current research that is taking place in Germany. Much of the discussion was based on how to handle genetic abnormalities and changes in CLL patients. The morning concluded with discussions about non-coding RNA and an overview of findings from previous research on the genetics of CLL cells.


The one and half day meeting was packed with scientific presentations and interactions among some of the top CLL experts. It is clear that investigators are approaching CLL from various angles; moreover, there have been great advances in the current research. Following the Alliance meeting, we are energized and hopeful about the future of CLL research.



Grant Proposals Reviewed; Announcements Coming Soon


The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) met in January to review the latest grant proposals. The research questions cover a variety of topics, but the common element is that each of the projects aims to generate clinically relevant information within two to three years. CLL Global is grateful to its SAB and our external reviewers for their thoughtful consideration of the submitted applications.


Ten applications were reviewed; these applications were requested from a larger pool of letters of intent. Prior to the meeting, each application was reviewed by a SAB member and an external reviewer. The proposals were presented,  discussed and scored by the SAB. The SAB has recommended grants for funding. The grant recipients will be announced following approval by the CLL Global board.


We are excited and pleased with the grant proposals and look forward to seeing what comes from the to be funded research.


As you can tell, January has been a busy month. Next month we will report back on the February 1 patient education forum in Houston. We will have complete coverage for anyone unable to attend. We are completely booked with over 300 participants. There will also be video clips posted. Be well.


CLL Global Research Foundation