McIntosh Announces New Blu-Ray Player, Turntable Preamplifier, and High-Resolution Digital Preamp
McIntosh has announced details of three new products from its 2016 global distributor conference. The trio includes a new Blu-Ray player ($5,500), a turntable amplifier ($2,000), and a digital preamplifier ($7,000). The new C2600 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier, the MP100 Phono Preamplifier, and the MVP901 Audio Video Player combine the best-in-class audio performance of the legendary McIntosh Reference System with the latest in technological development. Availability (in the US) is expected in August 2016.  Read More

beyerdynamic New TG MM1w Interchangeable Measurement Microphone Capsule with Digital Wireless Transmission
Unveiled at Prolight+Sound 2016, beyerdynamic is now shipping its new TG MM1w interchangeable measurement microphone capsule, which can be used with the company's TG 1000 digital wireless system. With this new measurement capsule, the TG 1000 can also be used to calibrate ELA and PA systems. Due to the linear frequency response of the TG 1000 transmission system, the TG MM1w interchangeable microphone capsule behaves in the same way as the wired version MM1, allowing for greater freedom.  Read More

New Report From Technavio on Global Smart Headphones Market Through 2020
Technavio analysts forecast the global smart headphones market to grow at a CAGR of more than 19% during the forecast period, according to their latest report. Multiple applications of headphones are creating opportunities for the global smart headphones market through 2020, according to the new research study now published, which lists current wired and wireless headsets market segments and estimates the wireless segment accounting for more than 71% of the total market share in 2015.  Read More

Bose Launches BOSEbuild with Build-It-Yourself Bluetooth Speaker for Kids 
Believing that hands-on exploration is the key to sparking a child's curiosity, Bose Corp. has officially launched BOSEbuild, the company's new "build-it-yourself" category focused specifically on children. BOSEbuild's first product is the Speaker Cube, a complete kit that lets children explore the science of sound by making a Bose Bluetooth speaker - and using their creativity to personalize it with colors and covers.  Read More

Conexant Brings Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Inclusion to USB-C Headsets
At Mobile World Congress Shanghai (June 29 to July 1, 2016), Conexant Systems introduced its new CX20888, an Audio Stereo CODEC, which is the first single-chip solution to enable USB-C-compliant active noise cancellation (ANC) and ambient noise inclusion in headsets. This new USB-C solution features an integrated ARM Cortex M0+ MCU and Class-H headphone amplifier, enabling new class of features for smartphone, PC, and gaming headsets. Its active noise cancellation eliminates up to 30 dB of external sound, for a clearer, more enjoyable listening experience.  Read More

New Dedicated Headphone QC Analyzer from LoudSoft
Following a preview earlier this year at the ALMA International Symposium and Expo 2016, in Las Vegas, NV, Danish audio test and measurement specialist LoudSoft has simultaneously released its new dedicated headphone/earphone hardware analyzer, FINE Hardware 2 with its new headphone/earphone QC software, FINE QC/Headphone. The solution is able to test a headphone in 1 second, including Left-Right difference and Rub & Buzz for both, and the test cycle can also include a Noise Cancel Test, both passive and active, in less than 10 seconds.  Read More

Devialet Announces Improved 4,500 W Gold Phantom
Devialet convinced Apple to sell its revolutionary Phantom speaker in Apple Stores worldwide. Devialet signaled the honor with the launch of a rose gold version, which serves not only to match the rose gold iPhone or iPad. In fact, the Phantom Gold introduces a new Phantom reference model, with 4,500 watts and improved specifications, such as an improved response from 14Hz to 27kHz and only .0005% THD. A new pinnacle from a speaker project involving 88 patents that costed $30M to develop.  Read More

K.I.S.S. AV Speakers Featuring Patented Audio Technology Launches on Kickstarter
K.I.S.S. AV, a startup in high-performance home audio products, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its immersive audio system. Using technology that previously existed only in expensive architectural speakers, K.I.S.S. AV is redefining what is possible from thin on-wall speakers with a 2.1-channel system. K.I.S.S. AV powered on-wall speakers and wireless powered subwoofer are easy-to-install and feature Sonic Vortex patented speaker design technology.  Read More


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Revolutionary Loudspeakers

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In case you haven't noticed it yet, for 2016, our annual Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS 2016) directory has gained an entirely new dimension. The online directory was recently updated and contains complete listings and the already familiar category indexes, which make this annual publication an invaluable resource for the industry. In this 2016 edition, we feature a complete series of must-read articles for anyone in the audio industry: technical articles, industry reports, and company profiles, as well as our annual query about the state of the industry, with contributions from distinguished market executives and professionals.
In this LIS 2016 edition, we also highlight one of the most historical - and currently the longest enduring - of the Danish audio manufacturing companies, Bang & Olufsen (B&O), currently celebrating its 90th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, the company released its most ambitious loudspeaker ever, the revolutionary BeoLab 90. For LIS 2016, we are honored to have an exclusive contribution by Bang & Olufsen's Geoff Martin - Technology Specialist in Sound Design - who was responsible for the project, explaining how they approached the development of active directivity control in the Beolab 90.
Geoff Martin is Technology Specialist in Sound Design at Bang & Olufsen and was responsible for the project development of the revolutionary BeoLab 90.
As Martin reveals, typically, the process of developing a new B&O loudspeaker follows a standard timeline, refined over decades of creating active loudspeakers, but the development of BeoLab 90 was different, integrating technologies that have been used on many earlier B&O loudspeakers and others which were completely new to all the development team. We recommend you read this excellent contribution, and we wanted to highlight how comprehensively detailed and - yes - revolutionary, the development of this speaker was.
Especially after having the opportunity to hear it once again at the recent High End show in Munich, where B&O also promoted a unique overview of all the key components that make the BeoLab 90 such a game-changer. The new flagship loudspeaker is not (unfortunately) for everyone, but it makes everything else pale in comparison, and it certainly has created a new foundation for any future products from the historic brand.
With its unique design resulting also from the work of Frackenpohl and Poulheim studio in Koln, Germany, the impressive 137 kg BeoLab 90 "intelligent loudspeaker" is also a true monument to speaker design with its unique approach to accurate sound staging and exceptional flexibility in room adaptation and placement. As B&O states, it "may well be, the most complete and powerful digital loudspeaker ever designed for use in the home."
The BeoLab 90 Speaker uses 18 Scan-Speak drivers powered by 18 custom-designed Bang & Olufsen ICEpower and HELIOX modules.
Martin's article for LIS 2016 offers the kind of technical insight that we are certain will be appreciated by audioXpress and Voice Coil readers, and we would like to encourage those who haven't read it yet to do so.
I would also like to add a few other relevant facts that might entice your interest. The BeoLab 90 features Beam Width Control capability, which enables to change the width of the sound beam to suit different listening situations, from a dedicated sweet spot to a party all over the room setting, just with the touch of a button. And we can even use the Beam Direction Control to steer the sound radiation to our listening location.
Among the unique features, it combines multichannel Active Room Compensation (a measurement microphone is included with the speaker) with resonance detection, Adaptive Bass Linearization, thermal compression compensation, and thermal protection, so the sound remains unaffected by any environmental fluctuations. In terms of connectivity, it's also worth noting that the BeoLab 90 supports multichannel digital audio (24 bit/96 kHz) wireless streaming based on the WiSA technology, apart from supporting also wired 24 bit/192 kHz digital connectivity - a true reference and inspiration for the industry, in my opinion.

From the Vault
A Single-Ended 6550 Amplifier
By Rick Spencer
Many articles have appeared regarding projects using one of the sturdiest, versatile, and trustworthy audio tubes ever made - the 6550. Most of them show these audio beauties used in the push-pull configuration in order to obtain the greatest efficiency and the most power output. In this article, the 6550 is used in a clean, sweet-sounding, single-ended design. The amplifier has very few parts, is easy to build and repair, and the cost of the project is nominal when you consider the kind of sound that is produced. This article contains no complex math or equations, but only the basic information needed to complete the amp. The circuit is very straightforward and should not create any problems. This article was originally published in audioXPress, September 2001.  Read the Full Article Available Here

Voice Coil Test Bench
Beyma 12MC500 12" Pro Sound Woofer 
By Vance Dickason
This month's Test Bench focuses on Acustica Beyma's 12MC500 12" pro audio woofer. This unique woofer with competitive features and performance for a 2.5" voice coil ceramic magnet design features Malt Cross technology, Beyma's patented advanced cooling system and handles up to 1000 W program power, managing to drastically reduce losses due to power compression. Prepared for large displacements and very sensitive and linear in a wide band, this woofer is low in weight for a ceramic woofer and a competitive candidate for line array systems. The Beyma 12MC500's features include a proprietary Y-shaped five-spoke cast-aluminum frame, a waterproof coated (both sides) curved profile paper cone, a 3.75" diameter waterproof coated paper dust cap, and a 2.5" (63.5 mm) diameter non-conducting voice coil former. A 0.625" diameter pole vent (terminated to the Malt Cross deflector) and five 0.25" diameter peripheral vents provide the cooling. Last, the voice coil terminates to a set of solderable terminals. This article was originally published in Voice Coil, October 2013. Read the Full Article Online

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