COMSOL Announces Integration of Simulation and 3-D Design in the Latest Version of LiveLink for Solidworks
The latest release of COMSOL Multiphysics provides capabilities for building custom simulation applications. With LiveLink for Solidworks and the Application Builder from COMSOL, it's now possible to build applications that integrate simulation and 3-D design. The software integrates highly productive model building, app design based on COMSOL models created from a Solidworks software geometry, and deployment tools that allow simulation apps to be easily run by users anywhere.  Read More

Industry's First 0.5" Prepolorized Low-Noise Microphone System
PCB Piezotronics introduced a new 0.5" low-noise microphone and preamplifier system, Model 378A04, which enables test engineers to measure extremely low sound pressure levels in a cost effective, prepolarized (0 V) package. Applications include measurements for fan tests, appliance noise, electric car sound quality, environmental noise, cabin noise, and anechoic chamber qualification.  Read More

Shure's New KSM8 Dualdyne Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone in the Spotlight
Shure was upbeat during NAMM 2016 with the introduction of its new KSM8 Dualdyne Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone, targeting the growing live performance market. The KSM8 is a dual-diaphragm dynamic hand-held microphone and a development that Shure says is "the most significant dynamic microphone technology advancement the industry has seen in more than 50 years."  Read More

New ESS ES9028 SABRE Mobile DAC & ES9603 Headphone Amplifier
Among several new products recently introduced by ESS Technology is the next generation SABRE Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), the ES9028, featuring a new dual-DAC architecture, and the new ES9603 Headphone Amplifier. Both are specifically designed for hi-fi audio-enabled smartphones and were used in Vivo's recently announced X6 Plus Android smartphone.  Read More

New 18" JBL SUB18 High-Output Studio Subwoofer for Groundbreaking Bass
So, you are one of the lucky few with a pair of JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors. And maybe you are thinking, "How can I make these even better?" Don't worry, because Harman engineers already have the solution. Introduced at NAMM 2016, the new JBL SUB18 Studio Subwoofer is JBL's most powerful studio subwoofer ever and ideal for professionals in the music production and film post communities.  Read More

Celestion Introduces New CDX20-3020 and CDX1-1070 Ferrite Compression Drivers
Reinforcing its pro audio solutions portfolio, Celestion introduced two new ferrite magnet compression drivers at NAMM 2016. The CDX20-3020 is a new 2" exit compression driver with a high-performance titanium diaphragm, while the new CDX1-1070 is a 1" exit ferrite magnet compression driver purpose-built for compact two-way systems.  Read More

New Four Microphone Voice Input Processor from Conexant Provides 360° Voice Location for Smart Applications
Conexant's new CX20924 is a four microphone far-field voice input DSP featuring the company's new Smart Source Locator technology. CX20924 brings superior 360° voice location capabilities and excellent speech recognition hit rates to smart voice applications. As part of Conexant's Contextual Awareness product portfolio, the new chip offers a highly accurate, robust way to control smart speakers, robots, security monitoring cameras, and more.  Read More

Waves Audio Now Shipping Waves Nx, Virtual Mix Room Plug-in
Digital signal processing solutions specialist Waves Audio, confirmed the availability of its new Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room solution for mixing with headphones. This new acoustics emulation plug-in simulates depth, natural reflections, and the stereo image of an actual, physical room, enabling a "virtual speaker" experience on headphones and mixing even for 5.1 surround on regular stereo headphones.  Read More


Editor's Desk

Eminence Celebrates 50 Years at NAMM 2016.

In the aftermath of another exciting National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show, we feel obliged to highlight the 50th anniversary of speaker manufacturer Eminence.
As we mentioned last week, Eminence promoted an extraordinary roll-up of artist appearances at its NAMM booth, which converged at one of the best NAMM parties in memory. Of course, NAMM 2016 was also time for a flurry of new product announcements, reinforcing the company's Professional, Guitar and Bass Amp, and Artist Signature series portfolio. We highlight all those in our online News Section.
NAMM 2016 was an unforgettable show for Eminence and the loudspeaker industry in general. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, on Friday, January 22, Eminence promoted a memorable party with amazing live music provided by a remarkable line-up of artists and brand endorsers such as Josh Smith (throughout the night his band - Nick Campbell on bass, Jaydon Bean on drums, and an amazing Hammond organ player (Sorry we didn't get the name) - provided the solid foundation for all the guest artists), Kirk Fletcher, Eric Gales, Gary Morse, Joshua Ray Gooch, Dave Baker, Tomo Fujita, Matt Schofield, and Mark Letierri (from Snarky Puppy), among others.

Extraordinary artists and a great demonstration of talent from a younger generation of blues and country-blues guitarists, which can be seen and heard in some of our videos that have been shared. It is also important to note and praise the sound of the Morgan Amps with Eminence speakers used on stage. You can see some musical moments during Eminence's 50th Anniversary party @ NAMM 2016. Just click on any of the stage pictures to see the videos.

Rob Gault, Chris Rose, Shannon Rose, Gary Morrison, and many others in the Eminence family welcomed distributors, press, and friends in the best way. Live music, great food, and two open bars provided the perfect environment for a night of celebration, which was also attended by many representatives of Eminence's clients, from Fender to Yamaha, QSC, Peavey, Ampeg, Klipsch, Aguilar, PreSonus, Orange, and so many other companies. The celebration also included awards for Eminence's best clients and distributors in 2015, including Fender, QSC Audio, and Adam-Hall (Eminence's European distributor).

Standards Review
Audio Network Development: Developing Products Based on Dante
By Joćo Martins
In our regular Standards Review column, audioXpress has been addressing the specifics of audio networking, available protocols and development solutions. In the first two articles in this series, we touched upon the evolution of audio network connectivity, available technologies and platforms, and provided an update on existing technologies. In this article, we address how to implement products over Dante - a technology directly developed and supported by Audinate. Given the momentum in the industry toward Audinate's Dante, currently the most widely available solution, we decided to share the third part of this series with everyone. Of course, we hope this will encourage everyone to subscribe to audioXpress and get access to our full content. For now, Read the Full Article Available Here

Voice Coil Spotlight
New in Voice Coils 
By Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific)
In the August 2015 edition of Voice Coil, Mike Klasco provided an industry update on the industry trends regarding voice coils. He starts with a look at the business side of speaker manufacturing and discusses new voice coils, collars and wire materials. The article also provides an insightful look ahead at this critical part of speaker design. The article details trends on bobbins from Morel, Toray (TIL), Perco, and other vendors of composite bobbins. For collars, the article details Nomex, Teijin, and some Chinese vendors. Regarding wire, the article details the ongoing trend toward multi-layer square wire provided by companies such as Goto Japan.  Read The Full Article Online

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