Tracktion Software Acquires Audio Hardware Manufacturer 2JW Design
Music recording software developer Tracktion Corp. has completed the acquisition of Seattle, WA-based, audio hardware manufacturer, 2JW Design. The merger is seen as the next step toward Tracktion's stated goal of creating a new hardware design group and to launch a new line of boutique professional audio hardware.   Read More

New Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) Version 2 Software and Updated Network Adaptor
Genelec has updated its GLM calibration solution for SAM studio monitors and subwoofers, including V2 software, and an updated Network Adaptor with microphone and volume control inputs. The solution offers automatic calibration of levels and distance-compensating delays, with the ability to store and recall settings for different listening positions, enabling accurate monitoring in any production environment.  Read More

Warkwyn Completes Move to Minneapolis and Renews Klippel Agreement 
Acoustic design and measurement firm Warkwyn, recently acquired by US OEM speaker manufacturer MISCO, announced that it has completed the relocation of all operations from Ontario, Canada, to Minneapolis, MN, and is now fully operational. The company also announced that its role as the North American sales and training agent for Klippel GmbH has been renewed and it also confirmed the appointment of industry veteran Kent Peterson as its sales & marketing manager.  Read More
New In-Wall In-Ceiling Speaker Line-up with Quick Installation System from Focal
Focal North America announced a new 300 Series of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers (ICW) with three models offering ease of installation and flexible design. All speakers are two-way models and can be fitted as a stand-alone hi-fi system or in combination in a multi-speaker setup, including immersive audio installations as ceiling speakersRead More

All About the 139th International Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York
Audio Engineering Society (AES) conventions in New York are always special. The 139th edition promises to be special and the best ever with record numbers of attendees, special events and presentations, and certainly one of the best exhibitions in memory. audioXpress has a booth there (#151). Come and see us. ...And here's the full program.

CEDIA Reports Record Growth and Unveils New Directions for Home Integration
The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) opened its annual 2015 CEDIA EXPO at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX, October 14-17 with a new brand image and a new CEO. And, a recent industry survey report confirms three straight years of revenue growth for the home-integration sector, with consumers adopting new higher-end technologies and smart home components.  Read More

Audio Precision Enhances Electro-Acoustic and PDM Testing with v4.2 Software and Introduces Advanced PDM Module
Audio Precision (AP) announced the availability of version 4.2 of its APx500 audio test software, as well as a new pulse distribution module (PDM) with advanced capabilities. AP's latest software release delivers a series of new features focused on electro-acoustic and production test environments, including customizable sub-sequences, input EQ, and a dedicated production test mode. The new software and Advanced PDM Module will be displayed at the 139th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention in New York.  Read More

Bryston Introduces the Model T Cinema Reference Three-Way In-Wall Loudspeaker
Bryston has announced the introduction of the Model T Cinema reference home-theater in-wall loudspeaker. By leveraging key design cues from the flagship Model T floor-standing loudspeaker, Bryston has developed a highly capable architectural speaker system for dedicated home-theater rooms. The Model T Cinema combines high performance with the integrated aesthetic preferred by interior designers.


Editor's Desk

Nothing Replaces a Good Article

Some people think that events are the closest thing to actually getting things done: To "make it happen." That's why when there's a crisis somewhere in the world or a debate heats up, people travel, go to hotels, and sit in "event spaces," "meeting rooms," "function halls," and "conference facilities," do presentations, and debate the issues with a sense of urgency. Then, the event is over, people pack up, and move on to the next "event." Most of the time, nothing actually happens or gets done that way, but when problems arise, money flows into "events." People attend the events and return home to their lives with a sense of actually having done "something." And yet, at best, most of those events are simple learning opportunities.
Lots of people, who actually enjoyed school and miss their days at the university and giving lectures, promote and attend conferences and seminars. When you attend "a session," in most cases, you don't actually retain anything, because it was too hot or too cold in the room; the room was too dark; the slide presentation made you think about everything except what was being discussed; and, sometimes, because the speaker was not exactly the most engaging person in the world.

Those conference rooms do generate great business for the AV industry and many jobs for audio professionals just to make sure someone's voice gets heard, but about 95% of speaking engagements, even by the most brilliant minds in the world, are boring, even if PowerPoints are replaced by beautiful Keynote presentations with mirrored backgrounds and animations.

From school, we all only remember one or two great teachers after attending classes for years. In university, we will find out that some people are passionate and effective in oratory while, professional lecturers are just "efficient" at what they do but often we actually have to read the materials provided to learn something.
At industry events - the conventions that combine exhibitions with conferences or the conferences that happen to have an exhibition space - we experience the same dilemma. Great professionals attend shows and network with people. Some people are all about "the sessions," and just spend a few quick minutes at the show, while others attend shows and don't even think for a minute about sitting in on those "boring" sessions because it reminds them of primary school - in a bad way.
Most "sessions" promoted in conventions are not any more effective than the classes we had in school - and we had to attend them the entire year, for several years, to actually learn anything that stayed with us. You cannot attend school and not have manuals and learning materials, and you cannot just buy all the manuals and learning materials and stay home while studying to become an engineer.
Which means about 95% of speaking engagements are a waste of time if you don't keep something to read and refer to later. Thankfully, we also have video if we really have to review the actual talk... Still, I believe those wishing to reinforce and consolidate their knowledge will do better by reading books. To learn and be up-to-date, it's better to read magazines - print or digital. There is nothing 
like reading a good article in a magazine. A magazine is like a school manual continuously updated, always reflecting the latest research and trends ...and more engaging.
This week we celebrate one year of The Audio Voice email newsletter and we are ready for another year. You can read all past editions here.

From the Vault
Heathkit W-7 Rebuild
By Bruce W. Brown
Bruce Brown explains his successful method of rebuilding a vintage W-7 tube amplifier from Heathkit. As the first power amplifier that broke $1 per watt barrier of listening power, the Heathkit W-7 was a major breakthrough for audiophiles. Introduced in 1958, it carried a list price of $54.95. Each amp used two EL34s as output tubes, and a single 6AN8 tube as a preamp/phase inverter. This article was originally published in audioXpress, May 2007.  Read the Full Article Available Online

Voice Coil Test Bench
BMS 18S450 18" Pro Sound Subwoofer 
By Vance Dickason
Voice Coil characterizes an 18" pro sound subwoofer from BMS Speakers, a noted German pro sound company. The BMS 18S450 is high power handling woofer rated at 1,200 WRMS. It weighs a moderate (for an 18") 32 lb. Features for the 18S450 are rather substantial and include a proprietary eight-spoke cast-aluminum frame that incorporates eight 25-mm × 20-mm vents located below the spider mounting shelf, with a series of six cooling fins for each vent. Additional convection cooling is provided by a series of eight 5-mm diameter peripheral vents located on the top of the back plate, plus a 35-mm diameter pole vent. The pole vent has a venturi-type flare on both ends. This article was originally published in Voice Coil August 2104.  Read The Full Article Online

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