AES Offers Free Online Access to E-Library for a Limited Time
The Audio Engineering Society (AES) is celebrating its E-Library of Publications and Collections with a special subscription offer to its members. During the month of September 2015, the AES offers online access to its archives and collections of papers with up to 25 free downloads Read More

Gear and Tone Advice from Radial Engineering
Radial Engineering, the renowned Canadian manufacturer of problem-solving gear for stage and studio has launched a blog for pro and amateur musicians or anyone looking for tone advice or a simple fix... Radial's new blog features responsive design, making it an easy read from any laptop, tablet, or phone.  Read More

Audio Precision Announces DAQ Driver for LabVIEW Software 
Audio Precision announced the release of its newest driver for National Instrument's LabVIEW software, which enables easy access to APx515 as a data acquisition platform. Additionally, the driver enables control of the APx515 completely independent of the APx500 control software.  Read More

DPA Highlights Advantages of Miniature Microphones for Recording Applications
DPA Microphones is shining the spotlight on its range of body worn and miniature microphones. The Danish company is launching a new campaign highlighting the benefits of using these small versatile microphones to record high quality audio. During IBC 2015, DPA will exhibit the latest additions to its range of microphones.

Audio-Technica LP5 Genuine High-Fidelity Vinyl Turntable
With the landmark Audio-Technica AT-LP5, consumers have access to a direct-drive turntable in the best tradition of high-fidelity models, at affordable prices. The new AT-LP5, which was unveiled at the IFA 2015 show in Berlin, features a tonearm based on designs from the 1960s, and offers phono, line, and USB outputs.  Read More

Burson Audio Launches Supreme Sound Audio Division for DIY and OEM Components
Australian company Burson Audio has recently launched its dedicated components division, Supreme Sound Audio, for DIY and OEM products. The manufacturer of USB DAC and amplifiers has also launched the new SS Lycan Op-Amp Test Bench, Headphone Amp, and Preamp device on its new Supreme Sound Audio website.

Linear Audio Volume 10 is Now Available
Now available, Linear Audio Volume 10 is the 11th issue of Jan Didden's series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception. It features a great team of contributing authors and a strong collection of enjoyable articles, with a diversified and refreshingly divergent collection of personal takes on great audio topics.  Read More

Panasonic Introduces New Technics Products at IFA 2015 and Promises Improved Direct Drive Analog Turntable
With an eye on a 2016 commercial launch, Panasonic has introduced a new prototype of its popular Technics turntable, which the company says will feature an improved Direct Drive system. At IFA 2015, Panasonic also promised "the lifestyles we all desire" with several new Technics audio components, including new headphones and music servers, among many new products in other categories.  Read More

Joćo Martins

Editor's Desk

Looking Back and Facing Forward

The last few weeks have been a busy time for our team working on audioXpress and Voice Coil, preparing content for our final issues of 2015 and upcoming trade-shows. We knew September and October were going to be key months for our publications and we worked hard to achieve what was planned. And we did...
It wasn't easy. In the last few weeks, we have been mourning the loss of a dear friend, our company's president and publisher for magazines and books, Hugo Van haecke, who passed away on August 19, 2015, in his hometown of Denver, CO.
Hugo Van haecke was instrumental in ensuring the continuity and evolution of audioXpress and Voice Coil since the Edward T. Dell, Jr. and Audio Amateur days. Ed Dell started the publications in 1970, launched Speaker Builder in 1980, Glass Audio in 1987, and Voice Coil in 1987. In 1996, Audio Amateur was renamed Audio Electronics and, in 2001, Audio Electronics, Speaker Builder, and Glass Audio were combined into the single, monthly periodical audioXpress.
When Ed Dell started early discussions to sell the business to the Elektor group, based in the Netherlands, Hugo was his main contact. Hugo, who lived in the US since 1999, was an exceptional manager and expert accountant and worked as a consultant to several European publishers, including Elektor. He was instrumental in providing the necessary trust that ultimately convinced Ed Dell that the titles would be in good hands.
Years ago, I met Hugo for the first time in Elektor's headquarters. We had a long chat that neither of us would forget, over a few glasses of wine. When I was asked by Elektor to join audioXpress, Hugo was there and he was decisive in consolidating the ideas we had for the publications and the company. A nice, straightforward, no nonsense kind of guy, Hugo always knew the latest company figures and encouraged new ideas while demanding accountability. An expert traveler, he was the kind of person who would volunteer to plan a business trip to make sure we didn't overspend and everyone would travel safely.
Hugo was the manager who made us feel good, even in the most difficult circumstances, and it was probably that unique personality that also convinced everyone to keep going a year ago, when our business was again consolidated with Circuit Cellar magazine (another title acquired by Elektor in 2012), and placed back into the hands of its original founder, Steve Ciarcia.
While he could have chosen just to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, Hugo promised to take care of business, inducing the necessary confidence in every member of our team. In the last month of June, Hugo joined our team at the InfoComm15 show in Orlando, FL, just before we gathered with Steve Ciarcia for a strategic planning meeting, where we defined the next steps well into 2016.
That's the plan we have and why we are still able to face forward with confidence, while deeply missing him.
Thank you Hugo.
Hugo Van haecke's obituary is published in the October 2015 editions of audioXpress and Voice Coil.

Call for Submissions
The January 2016 edition of audioXpress (the NAMM 2016 issue) will be dedicated in part to guitar or musical instruments amplifiers, effects, recording, and related projects. We are looking for some great DIY articles or development stories, and we are hoping you have been busy working on projects that you would like to share with our readers!
The submission deadline for the January issue is the first week of November. If you are interested, have an idea, or know someone who is working on a project and might want to submit an article, send us an email.

Audio Praxis
Upmixing - Stereo to Surround
By Jon Schorah
Just in time for the launch of NUGEN Audio's new Halo Upmix Plug-in, a new upmixer for the post-production market, at the IBC 2015 show in Amsterdam, we are sharing this fascinating article from the company's Creative Director and Co-Founder Jon Schorah. In the article, Schorah reflects on the changing landscape and increasingly complex demands of the modern audio production environment and he explains how to better deal with the need to generate audio from original stereo material in a suitable format for the surround environment. The article was originally published in audioXpress August 2015. Full Article Now Available Online

Voice Coil Spotlight
An Interview with Patrick Turnmire 
By Vance Dickason
This interview was published in Voice Coil August 2013. Nearly 10 years since Patrick Turnmire, of Redrock Acoustics, had started providing Voice Coil with valuable Klippel data for Vance Dickason's Test Bench column. In this interview, Patrick Turnmire explains his work with his company, Redrock Acoustics, offering details on his SpeaD and Reverse SpeaD transducer development software.  Read The Interview

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