Microchip Releases New Multi-Zone Technology for Whole-Home Audio and Multi-Room Applications

Microchip Technology announced the release of its second-generation multi-zone audio technology and a mobile app for use in whole-home audio and multi-room applications based on the JukeBlox 4 platform. The JB Multizone 2.0 enables tightly synchronized and highly robust audio streaming to multiple speakers in conjunction with the JB App, a turnkey mobile app that enables easy setup and operation of the wireless speaker Read More

Next-Generation Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interfaces
During the 2015 Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, Universal Audio surprised the recording studio community with the introduction of an all-new line of Apollo audio interfaces for Mac Thunderbolt users. The new generation leverages dual Thunderbolt 2 connections and features next-generation A/D and D/A conversion, effectively upgrading the successful interface lineup.   Read More


Musikmesse and Prolight+Sound 2015 Attract More Than 108,000 Visitors
The 2015 editions of Musikmesse and Prolight+Sound shows in Frankfurt, Germany, attracted more than 108,000 visitors from all over the world. The shows closed with high levels of satisfaction from exhibitors, while Frankfurt Messe looks ahead with a new concept to expand both shows with a different schedule and stronger trade-visitor programs in 2016.  


Martin Audio Unveils Coaxial Differential Dispersion Speaker Series
Calling it "The Shape of Things to Come," British company Martin Audio announced a major new dedicated installation loudspeaker range at the 2015 Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany. The Coaxial Differential Dispersion (CDD) Series introduces an interesting design, combining distinctive curved enclosures with coaxial differential dispersion drivers.  Read More

Genelec Introduces New Ultra-Compact 7040A Subwoofer 

Genelec introduced a new ultra-compact active subwoofer, designed for limited production spaces. The ideal companion to complement Genelec 8010 and 8020 monitors, the 7040A extends the low-frequency response down to 30 Hz and uses Genelec's patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology, being able to produce 100 dB of SPL using a 6.5" woofer and a powerful Genelec-designed Class-D amplifier Read More


Yamaha Launches New TF Series Digital Consoles at Prolight+Sound 2015

Prolight+Sound 2015 was the stage chosen by Yamaha for the launch of its new TF series digital consoles, which stands for TouchFlow Operation, heralding a new "best in class" solution for small-to-medium-scale mixing requirements. Of course, the TF series will also appeal to a wider market due to its attractive price point, especially considering the underlying advanced digital technology and integrated preamps Read More


2015 NAB Show Attendance Exceeds 100,000 and Closes in Upbeat Mood 

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced a preliminary registered attendance of 103,042 for the 2015 NAB Show, the world's largest annual convention, covering filmed entertainment and the development, management, and delivery of content across all mediums. The exhibition featured 1,789 companies spanning 1,015,000 net square feet of exhibit space.  Read More


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Joćo Martins

Editor's Desk

40 Miles of Audio, Companies, and People 

Still recovering from four intense days of walking in the gigantic Frankfurt Messe complex (an average of 10 miles a day), and with more press kits and literature than any human will ever be able to absorb, I would like to thank all of those companies and people who spent the time to talk to us and share their news with our readers. To those we missed or just said hello (...and often promising to return...), we're sorry but that's what happens in gigantic shows such as Musikmesse and Prolight+Sound. (Feel free to flood our emails with announcements we might have missed).

 For our non-European readers who have never visited Frankfurt, I know it's hard to explain how BIG these shows are compared to anything else, but believe us, it's not easy for any publication to cover these events when microphone and recording technology companies are a mile away from the pro audio halls and you have to walk another mile (or two) to get to the Yamaha exhibits and find companies - such as Gibson Brands - which prefer (naturally) to be in the guitar hall... Just to provide some comparison, at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show 2015, there were a record 1,621 exhibiting companies, while in Frankfurt (and 2015 was not a record year) there were 2,246 exhibitors. Add to that the fact that halls in the Frankfurt Messe complex are not all aligned and connected, like in Anaheim, CA.

 Anyway, it was certainly worth it to be there and learn that the audio industry is feeling upbeat, in the middle of all the corporate changes (they never stop), changing business models, and economic uncertainties in different regions of the world (which, like switches, are always going to be up or down). In general, most professional audio companies in attendance with large exhibits were reporting double-digit growth for the last two years.


 In general, new product launches showed positive trends, with more spectacular and advanced solutions at affordable prices. As we've posted on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages - and you can see from the news on our website - live sound solutions are getting much more sophisticated and integrated, with digital consoles featuring larger touchscreen displays and network connectivity helping to achieve higher-quality results all the way up to the predictability of sound reinforcement systems. Talented audio engineers never had it so good! On the recording front, things are also evolving in an extraordinary way, with better, faster audio interfaces, better software solutions and better-sounding mixing and outboard solutions. And for all our devoted audiophile readers, yes, all the new digital gear is at least 24-bit/96-kHz capable - the current industry standard in pro audio applications.

From a business-oriented perspective, its important I share the news that, even though "the musical instruments continue to be a roller coaster," in the words of the Frankfurt Messe organizers, the market is back to growth since last year. Compared to 2013, Germans last year again spent more 4.5% on musical instruments (967 million Euros), and forecasts estimate a growth in sales up to 2.8% in 2015. Event technology is also on an upward trend, with the demand for staged events continuing to grow worldwide. Prolight+Sound 2015 reflected that momentum, with a record number of exhibitors involved in lighting and sound engineering, stage technology, media technology, and AV-systems integration.


  Still, even the Frankfurt Messe organizers recognized there is a need for evolution and innovation. For 2016, the Musikmesse and Prolight+Sound will see sweeping changes, with a complete reorganization of the exhibition halls, new hours (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.), and new dates to ensure they are as distant as possible from the NAMM Show (and do not clash again with the NAB Show).

The Musikmesse will be open to the public, from April 7-10, 2016 (Thursday to Sunday), while the Prolight+Sound (trade only) will open earlier in the week, April 5-8, 2016 (Tuesday to Friday).

In my opinion, this is a positive announcement, which will tremendously improve the shows, if well implemented.

Meanwhile, back to the US, where AXPONA/AudioCon are about to start (The Westin O'Hare, Chicago, IL, April 24-26, 2015)!


"At a real microphone placed before an orchestra a multiplicity of sounds may arrive simultaneously. The microphone diaphragm can only be in one place at a time, so the output waveform must be the sum of all the sounds. An ideal microphone connected by ideal amplification to an ideal loudspeaker will reproduce all of the sounds simultaneously by linear superimposition. However, should there be a lack of linearity anywhere in the system, the sounds will no longer have an independent existence, but will interfere with one another, changing one another's timbre and even creating new sounds which did not previously exist. This is known as intermodulation."

John Watkinson - The Art of Sound Reproduction (Focal Press - 1998).

Voice Coil Spotlight

A Look at Voice Coil Collars 


By Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis


There are many subtle ways a speaker designer can use the collar to "tune" the speaker-design for optimum response, added strength, increased thermal tolerance, better assembly fit, and more. Many materials are available for use as a collar but a careful understanding of the physical properties of these materials is required for optimum selection. New, innovative materials provide the designer and manufacturer with higher performance alternatives to commonly used collar materials.

Originally published in Voice Coil, May 2012  Read the Full Article
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