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March 21, 2016

Call to Action!
Action Required! 

Stop Filibuster - Support SA 1 to SB 954

Dear Members of MRTA:
Senator Pearce (District 21) and MSTA have requested our assistance. Senator Pearce has proposed an amendment (SA1) to SB 954 to reinstate the 2.55 benefit factor after 31 years of service.  Please contact your state senator before Tuesday, March 29th. The Legislative Spring Break started March 17th and they will return on the 29th.
Dear Senator XXX
As a taxpayer, voter, and MRTA member in your district, I ask you to support SA 1 proposed by Senator Pearce to SB 954 (Keaveny). The amendment reinstates the 2.55 benefit factor after 31 years of service to the members of the PSRS/PEERS retirement system. The 2.55 benefit factor creates a savings to the system in the millions of dollars and, more importantly, the 2.55 benefit factor provides another option to assist school districts in attracting and retaining good quality teachers or where there is a shortage of teachers in certain subjects. Thank you.  I look forward to your response.  
Senators Schaaf (District 34), Onder (District 2), and Emery (District 31) are the Senators opposing the amendment and filibustering. They need hundreds if not thousands of e-mails sent to their offices!  Senator Pearce mentioned the "SEA OF RED"  that was present on MRTA Legislative Day, February 17th in support of his amendment, twice, on the Senate Floor! Let us show him and help him with a "SEA" of e-mail and phone calls. Please forward to any educator you may know.  Click here to find your Senator's email address.  If you do not know who your Senator is click the Legislator Lookup button below.  

The reinstatement of the 2.55 benefit factor is an MRTA priority and is part of the 2016 MRTA Legislative Platform (click here).  This provision of our retirement system saves the system approximately $6 million dollars per year due to the fact that an employee keeps paying into the system after 30 years at 14.5%. Actuarial studies have found they will not collect a pension as long as someone retiring earlier due to the assumed death date for our educators.  More importantly the 2.55 benefit factor provides another option in assisting school districts to attract and retain good quality teachers or where there is a shortage of teachers in certain subjects.

THANK YOU for being counted as a member of MRTA!

The #1 priority of MRTA and Public School Personnel is to promote and protect pensions, programs, and benefits of all public school personnel in retirement. United we stand strong!

Jim Kreider
MRTA Executive Director

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