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May 30, 2013

Dear MRTA Members:


It is time and appropriate to say THANK YOU, A "CALL TO ACTION."


We have been successful this past legislative session in stopping legislation detrimental to our retirement system/ pension benefits and to the profession of teaching.  THANK YOU for "showing up" with your participation in MRTA Legislative Day and for gathering petition signatures in opposition to Senator Lamping's retirement legislation.  Each and every one of you are appreciated.


NOW, it is also time to say THANK YOU to those Legislators who supported our views and efforts.


First, please send a short THANK YOU e-mail to your own State Representative who voted against (NO Votes) HB 631 and the House Committee Substitute for SB 125.  Click here for the House vote on HB 631.  Click here for the House vote on HCS for SB 125.  These bills were the so-called "reform" bills dealing with teacher pay connected to test scores, tenure, RIF, etc. MRTA opposed these bills.  A NO vote is one in support of educators and public education and was done against the will of House Leadership.


SUGGESTED NOTE: Dear Representative XXXX: THANK YOU for your support of public education, teachers, and education retirees with your NO vote on HB 631 and or HCS SB 125. Then state that you are an MRTA member, voter within their district and include your name and address.


Second, there were those elected officials who truly led the way in supporting public education and preservation of our public pension. I am asking each of you to send a short e-mail to the elected officials listed below saying THANK YOU for your support of public education, teachers, and education retirees. Then state that you are an MRTA member and include your name and address.


Sen. David Pearce (R) - 21 -

Sen. Gary Romine (R) - 3 -

Sen. Jay Wasson (R) - 20 -

Sen. Tom Dempsey (R) - 23 -

Sen. Chappelle-Nadal (D) - 14 -


Rep. Mike Lair (R) - 7 -

Rep. Mike Leara (R) - 96 -

Rep. Mike Thomson (R) - 1 -

Rep. Denny Hoskins (R) - 54 -

Rep. Jeff Messenger (R) - 130 -

Rep. Lyle Rowland (R) - 155 -

Rep. Elaine Gannon (R) - 115 -

Rep. Genise Montecillo (D) - 92  



THANK YOU for being counted as a member of MRTA!


MRTA works to protect your retirement benefits and to enhance the quality of life for ALL Missouri education retirees - present and future.  


Sincerely yours,


Jim Kreider
MRTA Executive Director


Jim Kreider