General Provider Communication

Subject: Preparing for Transition

Action: Informational


Dear Provider,


Magellan's recent request for a stay of the implementation of the RBHA contract with Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care has been denied. Therefore, we will be sharpening our focus onto the transition of RBHA operations to Mercy Maricopa effective 4/1/14--while maintaining system oversight and performance monitoring through 3/31/14. We endeavor to make this transition as smooth as possible, for both our members and providers. As one of our provider partners, you may have questions about the transition of processes, deliverables, and continuation of routine meetings with Magellan during the remainder of our contract.


Next week, representatives from our various functional areas will outreach you to discuss transition of these elements. You will be informed of any planned discontinuation of routine provider meetings by the meeting facilitators. Additionally, you will be given information regarding the status of deliverable requirements and process transitions. Shortly thereafter, we will provide you with a list of points of contact for departments who may continue to have interaction with you during the run-out period following the termination of our contract on 3/31/14.  These areas will include claims, network, finance, grievance and appeal, quality, and fraud waste and abuse.


Throughout this transition, we will remain available to our provider network and engaged in the delivery of quality services to our members.  As always we thank you for your partnership and cooperation.


Thank you.

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