General Provider Communication

Subject: 2014 Member Handbook Distribution

Action: Please review the instructions below carefully and share with your staff.


Dear Provider,


Magellan Health Services of Arizona's contract to manage the central Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority is set to end Monday, March 31. As a result, we've come to an agreement with ADHS/DBHS and AHCCCS on the way we will manage the distribution the 2014 Member Handbook.


Within the next two weeks, a limited number of 2014 Member Handbooks will be delivered to your site. For easy reference, the 2013 book has a yellow cover and the 2014 book has a green cover.


For new behavioral health recipients, please make it a priority to first provide them with a copy of the 2014 member handbook packet. The handbook details important information, policies and procedures recipients will need to understand about central Arizona's behavioral health system. For new recipients, a handbook must be given within 10 days of enrollment with a signed receipt in his or her medical file for verification. Enclosed in each packet contains a member handbook and a receipt verification form.


For current recipients, please have copies of the addendum of changes (linked below) available. The addendum contains a list of changes made to the 2013 Magellan Health Services of Arizona Member Handbook. All enrolled Magellan recipients will receive this addendum via mail this week. The 2014 Magellan Member Handbook (also linked below) and addendum of changes are available online at for recipients to view, download and print if they choose.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Relations Department at 800-564-5465 or


Thank you.

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