Provider Notice

 Provider Manual Section 3.10 Revised


     Date: Jan. 30, 2014                                                                       Notice Number: 313

In January 2014, the Crisis Recovery Network (CRN) assumed responsibility for completing SMI eligibility determinations. Subsequently, Magellan has revised its specific guidance in Provider Manual Section 3.10, SMI Eligibility Determinations, to reflect this change. The documents linked below are effective today, Jan. 30, and are available online in the Magellan Provider Manual. Please take some time to review the revised documents.  


PM Section 3.10, SMI Eligibility Determination (track)


PM Section 3.10, SMI Eligibility Determination (clean)


If you have any questions about this provider notice, please contact your provider relations liaison.



In accordance with ADHS/DBHS guidelines, providers are required to comply with the updated policies and procedures presented in provider notices. Where applicable, this information is incorporated into the ADHS/DBHS Provider Manual, Magellan Health Services of Arizona Edition. The full provider manual and provider notices are available at the For Providers area of Magellan's Web site,



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