"All our bags are packed, we're ready to go..."
Mission 2015 is about to begin!
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At 3:30 AM this Friday 38 sleepy, but excited, volunteers -  the Edmonton component of CAMTA's Team One - will meet at Edmonton International Airport, check about 40 hockey bags full of medical equipment and supplies (plus personal luggage) and fly to Quito, Ecuador, by way of Houston. They will be joined in Houston by the rest of the Team One members, who will have flown in from other parts of Alberta, Ontario, BC, and Quebec. Fifty enthusiastic volunteers, plus, for the first time, CAMTA will be welcoming a Team member whose home is in Quito

Next Friday
, the 50 members of Team Two will fly to Quito to replace most of Team One, bringing another 22 hockey bags of necessities. These volunteers will be coming from Edmonton, Ontario, BC, Quebec, Missouri, Chicago, Australia and Mexico.


Many volunteers will be using their annual vacation to go on this Mission. Why? Because they LOVE the energy and commitment of the team, the satisfaction of doing an important job well, and the heartfelt appreciation of the families that CAMTA helps.


During the Mission, we are looking forward to meeting many remarkable families, hearing their stories, and hopefully changing some lives for the better. We also hope to catch up with some former patients to see how they have progressed since their surgeries. 


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