Announcing Team 2015!
Over 90 enthusiastic volunteers!
CAMTA is excited to announce the team members chosen for our 2015 Mission to Quito, Ecuador. These people make up the two teams that will be working at Un Canto a la Vida Hospital over an 18 day period in February and March. 

We've got a great mix of "veteran" members and new faces. Click here to see the growing list of Mission 2015 members.

Every member of Team 2015 has made a commitment to raise $2700 to cover his or her travel and accommodation expenses. Many team members have set higher fundraising goals. All the extra funds that they bring in help CAMTA purchase much needed medical and surgical supplies and SIGN Nail Kits. This year the extra funds will also help to pay for a container of hospital supplies to be transported to our host hospital in Quito, Ecuador. 

If you would like to make a donation to support a team member's fundraising goal, click on his or her name on the list and you will be directed to that person's fundraising page. Can't find your favourite CAMTA volunteer on the list? Please check back - volunteers are activating their profiles daily.

If you don't know anyone on Team 2015, please consider making a general donation to CAMTA. 
How does my donation help?
Since CAMTA's beginnings in 2001, we have changed the lives of over 800 patients!

Children who have had club foot repairs - something that is usually done at birth in Canada, but rarely in Ecuador - are able to walk, run, play and go to school. They will be more able to work and support families when they are older. 

For every adult who has received a hip replacement or other orthopedic surgery through CAMTA, years of unrelenting pain are alleviated. The person is usually able to return to work. Often, that person is the sole supporter of an extended family - grandparents, spouse, children, sometimes siblings and their children. 

So your donation not only helps us improve the lives of the individual patients we help, but also radiates out to the their families and communities. 
We still have some openings!

There are several positions to be filled for Mission 2015. Here's who we need:

Week 1 - February 20 to March 2, 2015            Week 2 - February 27 - March 9, 2015
Medical Student                                                    2 Adult Orthopedic Surgeons
2 Adult OR Nurses                                                Medical Student
Pediatric Ward Nurse                                            Adult Ward Nurse                                       
2 Lay People                                                         Student Nurse
Do you have the time, interest and skills to join our team? Do you know someone who might? Click here for more information about volunteering with CAMTA. 

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