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5 Office Organizing Tips to Save you TimeFebruary 2013


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This year my newsletters will provide tips for each room of the house. I'm starting off with the home office since paper is a challenge for most of us.


If you have a home office, do you find it difficult to keep it organized and free of paper piles?


It's nice to have a separate room for a desk and your paper work but it can become a place you avoid if it's unorganized and cluttered.


This month I have 5 tips that will help you organize your office so it's a functional space.


1. Containers for discards. Every office should have a container for trash, a container for recycle and a shredder.  Click here for a link to a coupon for free shredding at Office Depot. I've seen many offices without these containers. Does your office have these homes for paper and other items you are discarding?


2. Keep papers in a vertical position. It's difficult to find your papers when they are in a pile. Contain your active papers in a desk top file box. Label the files in the file box with an action verb. For example: pay, call, enter, file. Do you have a desk top file box?


3. File your papers alphabetically. It may sound like a waste of time but it will save you tons of time in the long run. Our brains like the logical nature of alphabetical filing.  Take 30 minutes to alphabetize your files.


4. Purge your files once a year. Look for bulky items.  Removing these first, might be all you need to do in order to gain space for new papers. Store old taxes, bank statements and investment documents in boxes and in another location instead of using filing space since you rarely, if ever look at them. Refer to this website for personal paper retention guidelines.


5. Clear your desk. Remove the items that don't belong there: kids toys, clothing, trinkets, dirty dishes, soda cans, ect. Your desk should be cleared off daily and only hold items you use frequently. Use a pencil cup to contain pens, pencils and scissors. Spend 10 minutes clearing off your desk now.


I wrote an article about an awesome system for your active papers. You what I'm talking about....those papers that clutter up your counters because you don't want to forget about them and don't have a home for them. 

Read more here..


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