Fall 2015

Row 1 (left to right): Sian McAndrew, Liisa Toomus, Joseph Hartley, Julia Schiller
Row 2: Melissa Medrano-Carrillo, Isaac Forsland, Hannah Cho, Hudson Cassello
Row 3: Gawa Seldon, Emma Dollery, Chau Pham, Cameron Sand
Row 4: Alejandro Ribadeneira

Our first year under new Head of School Jamie Steckart concluded in June — a journey that spanned three continents, took us roughly 14,000 miles across the world, and closed with all 13 of our 2015 graduates passing their IB examinations with flying colors. That achievement is not only a testament to their hard work and dedication, but also to the efforts of our faculty and staff. Many of our graduates have continued directly on to university while others are enjoying a gap year, taking time to continue traveling and reflect.

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A special thanks to our host schools

In addition to thanking our faculty and staff, we’d also like to thank our three 2014-15 partner schools: ACG Senior College, UGA Monteverde, and ACS Athens. All three schools were superb hosts during our time together, and we are sincerely grateful to them for showing our faculty and students the ropes as they settled in to their new surroundings.

Place-based learning in the great outdoors

Exploring Greece's Melissani Caves

During the 2014-15 school year, we never had to venture far to find spectacular outdoor settings for our learning activities. Costa Rica and New Zealand proved to be dream locations for our budding biologists, both offering up a wealth of wildly exotic bird and animal species, many of which aren't found anywhere else in the world. Greece, with its unparalleled ruins and ancient sites, catered favorably to our young philosophers and historians. During our time here, students discussed the beginnings of democracy at the Acropolis and spent five days sailing between the Ionian Islands while recreating The Odyssey. Combined, the three countries produced some of our most creative and well-received weXplore outings, and we look forward to building upon their successes this school year.

A new school year is upon us

TGS is in the UK!

This year, we are pleased to welcome 14 new students from 10 different countries into our nomadic family. They have been warmly embraced by our returning students and are already adding a variety of unique insights and opinions to our dialogues and discussions.

In terms of locations, our three host countries this year, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Italy, are a little less geographically spread out than last year, but no less culturally diverse. Also, as a bonus stamp for our students' well-weathered passports, we've started the school year with a month-long weXplore of the United Kingdom, where our travels are taking us everywhere from the quaint beachside town of Brighton to the dazzlingly modern urban landscape of London -- even on up through the medieval streets of Edinburgh. Sound exciting? We encourage you to follow along in real time on #tgsuk and #tgslife.

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