Another term has come and gone, which means New Zealand passport stamps have been accumulated and new friendships have been forged. Thanks to our amazing partner school, ACG Senior College, our faculty and students had world-class learning facilities at their disposal for the entire term, and the opportunity to enjoy a campus right in the center of Auckland. Auckland itself proved to be an ideal host city due to its ideal blend of big city living, Māori heritage, and outdoor activities. It was a term that strengthened both body and mind — the best type of all.

Our experiences weren’t limited to Auckland, however, as we spent several weeks exploring New Zealand’s North and South Islands. For a relatively small country, New Zealand is absolutely packed with things to do: we trekked to the top of White Island, New Zealand’s only live marine volcano, where we saw bright yellow sulfur deposits up close, and ventured deep underground to blackwater raft among millions of tiny glowworms, which collectively resemble a thousand different constellations when viewed from an inner tube in the pitch-black Waitomo Caves. Our travels included many other stops, some educational, some for team building, all absolutely amazing.

Where next?

Much like New Zealand, our next destination features friendly locals, amazing place-based learning opportunities, and miles upon miles of beaches. Where might that be, you ask? We are head to Costa Rica! With nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity located here, the opportunity for outdoor science lessons are near endless. We’ll also have the opportunity to delve into Costa Rica’s history, and discover how it went from a Spanish colony to a peaceful democracy with no standing army. There are many reasons why Costa Rica is constantly ranked the happiest country on earth, and we’re excited to explore them all.

After departing Costa Rica, we head to Athens, Greece, to close out the school year. Given its illustrious history and renown as a place for learning and knowledge, our time in Greece has all of the makings to be our best term yet. Here among the olive trees and ruins, we will also have the honor of presenting the Class of 2015 with their diplomas as they walk across the graduation stage. Truly exciting times lie ahead in the near future, but we are just as excited about the present.

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Tell a Friend About THINK Global School
by Lily Just
Director of Admissions

Our admissions deadline of January 30, 2015, for the 2015-2016 school year is right around the corner! If you know a high-achieving student with a global curiosity and an adventurous spirit who wishes to apply, share our student FAQ video and link to our Admissions page. We would love to hear from your friends and have them join us for the TGS adventure next year.