Another year is in the books, and what an exciting one it was!

Our terms in Hyderabad and Hiroshima provided us with the opportunity to travel across India and Japan, where we experienced each country’s wildly different cultures firsthand. 2014 was also a landmark year in that we finally made our way to the continent of Africa. Here, our 9th-11th grade classes had the opportunity to engage in valuable service learning by assisting in the construction of a classroom for Tanzanian children in need. Their time in Africa also included visits to the scenic Tarangire National Park and nearby Ngorongoro Crater, where they got close-up views of Tanzania's diverse wildlife. The 12th grade class, who were on their senior trip, heartily embraced the challenge of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro during their time under the African sun.

So what lies ahead?

This year we've chosen three diverse countries --New Zealand, Turkey and Greece-- as our term locations, all of which should provide our students with excellent opportunities to explore unique cultures and communities. Additionally, we're pleased to announce that James Steckart will be joining us as our next head of school. James brings over twenty years experience in place- and project-based learning to TGS, and we're excited about the school's direction under his leadership.

Farewell to our graduates

Perhaps the biggest event of the 2013-14 school year was our first graduation. Over the past four years, each student in that inaugural class helped shape our school's culture, and their collective legacy is one of intelligence, insatiable curiosity, and laughter. So thanks to this year's graduates (Alex, Anat, A'ntonia, Bailey, Cameron, Charis, David, Gijs, Jawed, Liam, Luisa, Mark, Megan, Pema, and Yada) for paving the way for a whole new generation of global thinkers!

Below you will find a tribute to this year's graduating class and highlights from our time in Japan. Have questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you at!

Watch 'Japan,' a Short Film by TGS Student Liisa T.

Beginning with our term in the United States, Liisa began recording a video “love letter” to her current host country at the end of each term. Her newest video, 日本 / JAPAN, presents a happy scene; smiles are common throughout, and the relaxing background track is frequently punctuated with laughter. 日本 / JAPAN also does an excellent job of showing scenes from day-to-day life in Japan, both as experienced by our students and the residents of Hiroshima. Watch 日本 / JAPAN now

Read 'Graphic Novels for Change,' a joint project between TGS and HIS

This past term, the students of THINK Global School and Hiroshima International School collaborated on a dual-school interdisciplinary unit called "Graphic Novels For Change." The purpose of the project was to combine narrative techniques, visual literacy skills and research to raise awareness about a human rights violation in the form of a graphic novel. The final products ended up being exceptional pieces of work, both artistically and in their ability to connect with the reader on an emotional level. We're now ready to share them with you! View the novels

Wander Hiroshima’s Side Streets With 9th Grader Alexis M.

Anyone who visits or lives in Hiroshima quickly becomes familiar with Hondori, the massive covered shopping street with an abundance of shops and cafes in the center of the city . What fewer people see are the areas around Hondori. If you decide to go off the beaten path and onto one of the small side streets, you’ll be transported to a different world of smaller shops and cafes — shops with history and people who are proud of where they are and want to help you. All you have to do is turn at Doutor Cafe to find a great variety of places. I found shops.. Read more

Explore Japan's Cultural Crafts and Ceremonies

Few countries on earth boast a culture as diverse and multifaceted as that of Japan, where modernity and tradition blend seamlessly. Gaining a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture through experiential learning was a focal point for global studies, art and English this past term, and the ninth and tenth grade students of those courses participated in an interdisciplinary project exploring some of Japan’s many crafts and ceremonies. After participating in workshops and experiencing a variety of crafting techniques, each student chose a craft or ceremony and created a 3-D object for Lee Ann Thomas' art class. Click to view the projects

Download 'Where I Grew Up,' an iBook by the students of TGS

Do you remember where you grew up? Was it a quiet little town with one church that everybody would visit? A visit last year from author Steve Kluger set our students on the path of documenting their own childhoods. That project, spearheaded by students Isaac F. and Mark S., turned into the iBook Where I Grew Up. Featuring both written and audio versions of our students' backstories, Where I Grew up is available for download on the iPad. Download the iBook

View Our Students' Photos In Kyoto

After weathering the culture shock experienced upon our arrival in Japan and making sure that our etiquette was up to par, we set off on our first weXplore excursion of 2014: a five-day trip to the city of Kyoto. Kyoto itself is a city full of old world charm, and the dense history of Japan’s former capital made it the ideal setting for an extended weXplore setting. Before the trip began, newMedia Lab instructor Lindsay Clark provided the students with the hashtag #tgskyoto to use during their travels. The result? A series of endlessly awesome photos showcasing how to make the most of a city, TGS-style! View the photos

Tell a Friend About THINK Global School
by Lily Just
Director of Admissions

Do you know a high-achieving student with a global curiosity and an adventurous spirit? TGS would love to learn more about him or her, and we are currently accepting admissions inquiries for Grades 9-11 for the 2015-2016 school year. We encourage potential candidates to view our student FAQ video and head to our Admissions page for more details!