Winter 2013

Dear all,

India is such a difficult country to define. Indeed, perhaps that very expression helps to clarify it as much as is needed. For mystery is the essence of the country even though we tried to tease out understandings during our stay. It is not that things were hidden from us, rather the truth is that there is such diversity, so many different perspectives to be considered and myriad beliefs that need to be taken account of. It would take a lifetime to speak knowledgeably about this amazing country, but we did manage to learn a lot in the short time that we lived and worked in India.

This issue of our TGS Newsletter testifies to that learning and indicates the passions that were aroused as well as the questions that have arisen. Questions that still require answers and which may one day be arrived at as subsequent connections enhance our understandings. Certainly, there is a fundamental willingness to acquire those understandings, and I am sure that will happen sooner rather than later.

I hope that you enjoy reading this issue and that in some small way you can “share” some of the experiences that we encountered when we were in India. Naturally other blog posts, videos and photographs can be found on SPOT, and I would most earnestly encourage you to browse our India postings to acquire an even greater understanding of where we have been, what we did and which people we interacted with.


Alun Cooper
Head of School

The poem that is India
By Alun Cooper
Head of School

Having now lived and worked in India for a number of months, it is time to ask myself whether I feel any clearer about the metaphor that is implicit in the phrase “Incredible India.” Certainly, having traveled around certain areas of the country and, perhaps far more importantly, having interacted with some of its many citizens, I have a little more knowledge and understanding than was the case when I arrived. But am I able.. Read more

Visiting the Sambhavna clinic: life after the Bhopal disaster
By Emma D.
11th Grade Student

We had previously discussed the Bhopal disaster before embarking on our trip northward, away from the safe confines of the Indus school’s walls. A white, relatively clean room at an international school was an easy place to discuss the terrible atrocities that came about due to the Bhopal disaster in 1984. It was easy to remove myself from the enormous amount of poisonous gas leaked into the air.. Read more

The Ajanta Caves as a modernized school
By Isaac F.
11th grade student

Can the Ajanta Caves be used as a modern day education center? This question was my main focus during our recent trip to the Ajanta and Ellora caves. Before visiting a couple of weekends ago, I had read that the caves were used for teaching traveling monk students. This made me reflect on myself and TGS, as we.. Read more

Tea with a view: studying business in Kerala, India
By THINK Global School

In his book, India Calling, author Anand Giridharadas wrote that, “India has become — in a way that it has not been — a land of opportunity for millions and millions and millions of people.” Anand’s words have certainly rung true for us in our few short months here; India has allowed our legion of intrepid students to partake in some fantastic opportunities of their own. Stunning locations have been explored, interesting individuals.. Read more

When I was six, I was a mute
By Yada P.
12th Grade Student

“When I was six, I was mute.” Those were the words that started off what would be an 11-minute-long talk, words coming out of slightly trembling lips. A clicker in my left hand and dance shoes beneath my feet, I was frozen. This was my TEDx talk. Not the many practices sneaked between class periods or the numerous reviews in my head. This was.. Read more

Observing sacrifice during Eid al-Adha
By THINK Global School

If you look through our past locations, it is not a difficult task to name a long list of merits for each. Our current host country of India has proven to possess its own unique strengths, especially in terms of diversity. It is an amalgamation of many different cultures with each practicing their own languages, traditions and religions.

This diversity is readily apparent in our current host city of.. Read more

36 hours in Hampi
By Madeline S.
10th Grade Student

Despite the large amount of time I have spent on a bicycle, I have never figured out exactly what makes me equate the experience with freedom. My first answer would be that it is due to the increased mobility that I suddenly acquire, but with further thought, I think that it’s more likely to be the open air rushing past my ears, filling the gaps in between thoughts. It’s different everywhere, and I love it everywhere. In India.. Read more

Into Africa: an overview of our Tanzania intersession
By THINK Global School

A small school in Stockholm, Sweden, is where it all began. Four years and many, many passport stamps later, we proudly find ourselves somewhere completely new: Africa. Our intersession in Tanzania represents our first visit to the “birthplace of humanity,” and it will no doubt make an indelible impact on our students, staff and faculty. This weXplore outing, more than any other, is focused on improving the sustainability of the community around us. While here, we will be taking part in the GoKili Visiting Schools.. Read more

Tell a friend about THINK Global School
By Lily Just
Director of Admissions

Do you know a high-achieving student with a global curiosity and an adventurous spirit? TGS would love to learn more about him or her, and we are currently reviewing applications for Grades 9-11 for the 2014-15 school year. We encourage potential candidates to view our student FAQ video and head to our Admissions page for more details!