Spring 2013

Dear all,

The fact that we are about to publish another Newsletter strikes a note that indicates that we have completed half of our allotted time in Boston and that only a short period of time exists before our move to our next location. Yet, if we allow ourselves the luxury to reflect on what experiences we have had together since we journeyed to Bhutan and thus on to Boston, we will be amazed by the multitude of events that we have witnessed, the opportunities that we have grasped and the privileges that have presented themselves to us. Some of these moments are embedded in this Newsletter to share with you and to record, perhaps more formally, the accomplishments of our students over the first half of this semester.

Yet, important as this Newsletter is, it cannot include articles from every one of our students. Indeed, the authentic, enduring learning of each of our students is far more important than a selected chronicle and for that reason I urge you to read the collections of individual learning outcomes that we are now publishing on SPOT after each major event; e.g. Bhutan, Washington and shortly we will publish the work that was realized in New York. These publications reflect the power of learning as well as how individual locations have had an impact upon perceptions and understandings. An important consideration, I would argue, for a mobile school such as ours.

These individual reflections will become even more important when we launch our digital portfolios. These portfolios will be the archive for personally chosen artifacts and reflections that personify the developing understandings of our students. These understandings will be shared with you in student-led conferences and thus you will have an even better opportunity to comprehend what learning has taken place and how these young people are maturing as a result of their inquiry-based learning opportunities.

I hope that you enjoy this edition of our Newsletter and we look forward to “meeting you” on SPOT as you browse the published learning outcomes of our students.

With all best wishes,

Alun Cooper
Head of School

Connecting the dots
By Alun Cooper
Head of School

Cognitive development is a field of study in neuroscience and psychology focusing on a child’s development in terms of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skills, the learning of language(s) and other aspects of brain development as compared to an adult. In other words, cognitive development is the emergence of the ability.. Read more..

Bhutan's quest for happiness - a student exhibition
By TGS Students

Inspiration drawn from our two week intersession in Bhutan has been in no short supply since the trip concluded in mid-January. Many blogs, photos and videos have been posted detailing the awe derived from Bhutan’s overwhelming natural beauty and intriguing Buddhist culture. Our students were given a period of time to reflect.. Read more..

The syndrome of the silent majority
By Breanna Reynolds
IB Language & Literature Teacher

Prince Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, graced THINK Global School with a visit to Washington DC this week. His powerful oration on the political instability of his country left me contemplating development issues around the world, such as poverty, radicalism, corruption, and.. Read more..

Wasting an afternoon at Harvard
By Maya M
11th Grade Student

My phone is full of notes. Or, more correctly, I’ve written a non-fiction novel in my phone’s notes. Waste management is an extensive issue, you see. It is not as simple as eating what is on your plate, and therefore minimizing the amount of food.. Read more..

THINK Global School visits Washington D.C.
By Lee Carlton
IT Analyst

Over the last two and a half years, THINK Global School has made its way to a wide variety of exotic and varied locations, and we’ve learned new and wonderful things from the inhabitants of each culture along the way. One place that we had never held classes up until this point, however.. Read more..

The highly dramatized version of the past week..from the melodramatic mind of a keen adolescent
By Hannah C
10th Grade Student

For her Washington D.C. reflection, 10th grader Hannah C. decided to go an illustrated route in capturing her moment spent with guest speaker Greg Simon. Using sketches created on her iPad, Hannah tells the story of.. Read more..

Tell a friend about THINK Global School
By Lily Just
Director of Admissions

Do you know a high-achieving student with a global curiosity and an adventurous spirit? TGS would love to learn more about him, and we are currently reviewing applications for Grades 9 and 10 for the 2013-2014 school year. We encourage potential candidates to view our student FAQ video and head to our Admissions page for more details!