Winter 2012

Dear all,

There are many articles in this winter edition of our magazine that remind us that only recently we were living and working in Buenos Aires. However, there are other articles that indicate the near future and the many changes that inevitably await. The twin forces of the present and the future are ever present in our very mobile school life and yet much as we enjoy our travelling, much as we thrive on our new experiences and our new connections, it is also a fact that from time to time we like to look back and reflect on what we have done and where we have been. This magazine provides us with just such an opportunity and let us enjoy that moment together.

Buenos Aires was initially a potential problem in terms of personal security. But as we learnt to live like "portenos" (locals in Buenos Aires) we began to relax and to enjoy the amazing discoveries that happened almost on a daily basis. Our learning took us into cafes, theatres, football stadia and even included interviews in taxis; all of which contributed to a body of substantial knowledge about this incredible city. Yet Argentina also awaited, and journeys to the campo (countryside) and to Iguazu allowed us to appreciate that the country is diverse and has little daily reality with Recoleta in Capital Federal.

We are now in our respective homes with our families, but soon we will come together again and share another amazing journey together as we enter Bhutan in January. The land of the Thunder Dragon will provide us with a wealth of learning experiences as well as an opportunity to travel in a country that few have been privileged to visit. In keeping with our developing inter-connected digital learning platform, we will be working to share our learning outcomes with others in the TGS community and with the wider world. After Bhutan we fly to Boston, and what awaits? Ah, there is the mystery and the draw; the unknown and the ability to discover.

With all best wishes,

Alun Cooper
Head of School

Memory and making meaning through Borges
By Garrett Austen
English Teacher

"To think is to forget differences, generalize, make abstractions." It is with this quote, and this particular lens on memory, that we began our first major assignment in English class. The quote comes from the short story, “Funes the Memorious,” by Jorge Luis Borges. Bores, a staple of Argentine culture.. Read more..

Cheering on the All Blacks: my life = complete!
By Megan K
11th Grade Student

At this point in time, I think I pretty much owe my entire life to Joann McPike. Not only did she start up TGS, which has changed my life forever, but she was able to get me in to a New Zealand All Blacks game! Not even just an All Blacks game, but the final.. Read more..

Exploring the Boom writers in Argentina (video)
By Breanna Reynolds
IB Language and Literature Teacher

As is the case when a group of individuals shows an unrivaled finesse at their calling, Latin America has produced a dizzying amount of literary talent over the last fifty years. At no time was this more apparent than the rise of the literary movement.. Read more..

Death and identity
By Alejandro R
10th Grade Student

I found myself slightly confused while walking around the Recoleta Cemetery with Rebecca. Unbelievably, we were wandering around a very personal place for families, as if we were visiting an average museum. We could clearly see sepulchers of all types.. Read more..

TGS reaches out to their global network for One Day On Earth
By Lindsay Clark
Media Specialist

Browsing the web one day, I discovered something that caught my eye, a film project that aimed to gather footage of every country on earth on one calendar day. The trailers from their film events prior pulled together beautiful imagery.. Read more..

Examining the dolphin massacres of Taiji, Japan
By Bailey D
11th Grade Student

At one point in my childhood, I wanted to be a dolphin. With the recent popularity of places such as SeaWorld, I had constantly seen them blasted around TV, and I thought they were majestic. Little did I know, however, that these places which looked so magical to me in my childhood, were the source of so much destruction to dolphins.. Read more..

Apply now for the 2013-14 school year
By Lily Just
Director of Admissions

Do you know a high-achieving student with a global curiosity and an adventurous spirit? TGS would love to learn more about him, and we are currently reviewing applications for the 2013-2014 school year. We encourage potential candidates to view our student FAQ video and head to our Admissions page for more details!