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february 2014                                                        #57

Happy February!

This month bundle up and venture out to any one of the unique, outdoor events of the Newport Winter Festival from 2/14-2/23 including Polo on the Beach on 2/15  & 2/16,  The Illuminated Gardens at Ballard Park from 2/20-2/22 and Festival Day at Easton's Beach on 2/23.

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Taj Mahal This month's highlights at the Narrow's Center for the Arts include Autumn Defense featuring John Stiratt and Pat Sansone of Wilco on 2/7, Taj Mahal on 2/13, Red Molly on 2/21, Aztec Two Step on 2/22 and Buckwheat Zydeco on 2/28.
Common Fence Music continues this month with The Gnomes on 2/15.

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Although it may be a bit cold, it's a fine time to don a few layers and discover the nooks and crannies of our City by the Sea on foot. The Newport Historical Society offers many interesting walking tours throughout the month including: 
  • 2/14: Lantern Tour of Colonial Newport
  • 2/15: Golden to Gilded Walking Tour
  • 2/16: Working Water Front Walking Tour
  • 2/17: Rogues & Scoundrels Walking Tour
  • 2/18: Road to Independence Walking Tour
  • 2/19: Souls & Stones Walking Tour
  • 2/21: Rum & Revolution Walking Tours

Visit the NHS website for more dates and details.  

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When Harry Met SallyAfter your walk, maybe you'll want to get cozy with an old movie and some hot popcorn? You will find some good options at the Jane Picken's Theater this month with Romeo & Juliet and When Harry Met Sally on 2/14, 2014 Oscar Nominated Short Films from 2/14-2/20 and Back to the Future on 2/22. The Newport Public Library's Neo Noir Film Series features The Long Goodbye on 2/12 and the Coen brother's Blood Simple on 2/26.
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