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There are about three live out care providers for each live-in. Hence the number of live-in choices are limited, especially for those who are legal to work and can drive.

The live in eldercare average weekly compensation is $773, while live-out is $702. The live-in's make 10 percent more because they are flexible with schedule and can provide round the clock care.

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May 2013

How to successfully introduce in-home caregiving to your aging parents. 
When an aging parent needs help in the home, it's often hard for them to communicate that need, or even to acknowledge that they are having a difficult time with their daily routines. Nearly everyone wants to retain their independence well into their senior years, but what they may not realize is that if they get some in-home help, they may be able to stay in their home indefinitely.
Tips for Transitioning

Before you approach your elderly parent about getting some help in the home, remember that no one likes change, especially the elderly.

They most likely feel comfortable, safe and secure with their current lifestyle, and have established routines, so when you bring up the topic of getting them some help, you might meet some resistance.

Here are some tips that will help them warm up to the idea:
  • Start small. Suggest that they have someone come in to clean once a week, or cook meals a few days a week. Once they see how helpful this service is, they might be open to help on a more frequent, or even live-in, basis.  
  • Ask them to alleviate your concern. Let them know that if they will accept some care from hired help, it will take a load off of your mind, and keep you from worrying about them as much. This will appeal to their parental nature.
  • Involve them in the selection process. Make it clear that they can interview and even select the candidates that they feel most comfortable with, and whom they feel are most qualified. This will help them feel more in control.   

During the selection process, be sure to inform the candidates of your parents' medical issues, interests and hobbies, to ensure that they are not only able to handle all their medical challenges, but also willing to keep them involved in their hobbies. Also make sure the candidates realize that you're not just looking for a caregiver, but also a companion for your parents. This will help you to make the right choice for the long term, because if you do choose well, this person could become a real asset to your parents' lives.  

Candidate of the Month: Agnieszka
Live in Elder Care Professional  from Brooklyn  

Agnieszka is an eldercare professional with more than four years of experience, and she is pleasant, energetic, polite and thoughtful. She has worked with loved ones dealing with a range of complications including dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, strokes and diabetes.

She also has experience using Hoyer lifts, oxygen tanks, and can administer insulin injections. When she isn't caring directly for your loved one she keeps the living space neat and tidy. She will help organize the home, clean the bathrooms, and do laundry. Agnieszka is also an excellent cook and will help prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your loved ones.

Celebrated Mom Award Reception 2013

LifeWorx cordially invites you to celebrate Janet Hanson, our Janet Hanson Photo 4th Celebrated Mom, founder of 85 Broads, a champion for women, and devoted mother. The reception will be held at the Lotos Club in New York on Thursday, May 23rd, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wine and Hors d'oeuvres will be served. We will also present the "Compassionate Mom Award" to Donna Freydkin and Katherine Snedaker. Don't miss it!

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