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Vol.8 No. 1

      March 2016      

With the publication of this premier issue of 2016, we are proud to commemorate 80 years of dedicated service as a leading masonry restoration contractor throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Over the next several months, you will read more about our rich history in our newsletters, editorial articles, advertisements, and our web site.

In this issue, our Case Study article describes Abbot's restoration of the brick facade of the main facility of a neighborhood bank in Needham, MA. Our Masonry 101 article describes how brick manufacturers have adapted to green technology. 
We trust that you will benefit from the information provided in this publication. If you have any comments or questions, or would like an estimate on a masonry repair project, we can be reached at

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Michael Norman, President
Abbot Building Restoration Company, Inc.


Case Study 

Abbot Restores Brick Facade of Neighborhood Bank in Needham, MA   
Needham Bank is a neighborhood community bank with its main facility located in downtown Needham, MA, and multiple branches around the western suburban Boston area. In early 2015, the owners decided to embark on a 3-phase renovation project at the Needham location, encompassing restoration of the interior and exterior of its main facility, constructing a new entrance from the parking lot side, and a building a new operation center.
Needham Bank, Needham, MA
Abbot was contracted by the general contractor for the project, Delphi Construction (Waltham, MA), to restore the façade of the main facility. This involved cleaning the brick and cast stone, repointing all of the brick with matching mortar, and repairing and replacing the stone as required.
The most complex part of the project involved the three large arched windows on the side of the main building. The two outer windows had a pre-cast stone section under the windows whereas the middle window had brick. To establish a consistent appearance, Abbot removed the existing brick from under the middle window, and installed pre-cast stone that was fabricated to match the shape and color of the stone under the windows on either side.

Masonry 101

Brick Manufacturers are Going Green  

rom architects who incorporate brick in their designs for its energy-efficient qualities, to builders who appreciate its durability and ease of construction, to owners who enjoy its aesthetics, brick has been and will continue to be a highly desired construction material.

However, as people have become more discerning green consumers, they have discovered that products
touted for some environmental advantages often have hidden drawbacks that may outweigh their benefits. Because of that, it is important to examine a product's life cycle from a number of perspectives to understand the true environmental effect of its use. In this regard, brick manufacturers have done their part to make a difference.

Today's brick plants take advantage of alternative energy sources, such as sawdust and agricultural waste products and burning methane gas captured from landfills. Advancements in process technology have resulted in more efficient production methods. Further, because brick can be made with recycled material, waste is minimized. Finally, the materials needed for the manufacture of bricks are abundant throughout the United States, reducing the need for extensive transportation and the associated fuel usage.

In fact, nationally renowned energy conservation programs such as Energy Star have established rating systems to account for the sustainability of materials use. No matter the evaluation test or method, brick's many positive attribut
es earn it high praise.

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Abbot recently restored the brick facade of a neighborhood bank in Needham, MA. 


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Brick manufacturers have adapted to green technology.   


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